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06 Mar, 2010 12:47 AM

I wonder at times what is love? There is more than showing expressions and feelings to who you love. Today is going to be the worst day of my life, telling him that today was my last day and it was my first and last dance with Matt.
He came to my house and pick me up. It was quite the whole ride, I wonder why isn't he talking to me, is he mad at me? did I do something wrong?
"So are you nervous about the dance?" I asked clueless.
"A little" he said confident.
Later in the night a my favorite song came.
"Wanna dance?" matt asked nervously.
As we danced I felt that the hardest moment to tell him that I'll be gone tonight is right now. But I don't want to tell him later it feels as if it is too late.
"umm, I think now is the right time to tell one important thing that I'm suppose to tell weeks ago but now is the right time. Please don't cry" I said sadly.
"I wont cry but if it is what I will cry if I hear it, I'll cry" Matt said with his wonderful voice I'm going to miss.
"I'm leaving" I said softly not wanting him to hear me.
"When? You can't leave me!" He said expressing the anger on his face.
"ummm, tonight. I'm sorry that I didn't tell you" I said really sad.
"Excuse me for a minute" he said walking out the door.
He walked depressed outside of the room. I followed him that minute he walk out the door and all I saw was him crying.
"please don't cry" I said as tears about to approach my cheeks.
"No, its not ok, I'm gonna miss you" he said with tears on his face.
"I know I'll miss you lots" I said cry as if the heavy rain that feels like pins and needles attacked me.
"Will you promise me that you will never forget me" I said.
"I promise and I promise that you will be locked in my heart safe with all my strength and energy I have" he said.
"I promise that I will never forget you and I will be my very honest with at all times" I said.

As we dance that night I felt love, true love. His hands was on my waist and my arms around his shoulders made that night the most sweetest night of my life that is locked in my heart with a long lost key kept with Matt Brendan Schmidt.

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