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Broken Dreams

Wilhuff Tarkin

20 Dec, 2017 08:27 AM

On the new Petition by Henry Walsh. I was one of the first 40 signatures, I advertised this petition on all social media I could from Facebook to Gab and YouTube to Twitter. Etc. I was surprised that while of course fans are divided on the Disney take of star wars, never did I think I would have my life threatened over the franchise. Henry Walsh also has been threatened, that people would hack his email, that they would attack him. I have been told I would suffer if I kept going through with this petition and kept posting it. In 1977 George Lucas strived to make a movie that nobody wanted to be a part of, it was difficult and he was told to change it and put all his money and time into it. He created history and made a huge change to cinema everywhere and the future... [Read More]

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The upside down of life


07 Dec, 2016 05:46 PM

I was young and afraid but as a fifteen year old, the last thing I expect to feel was despondence. Due to the fact I worked as a horse caretaker for an aristocrat and his family, the commoners took pity on me. At first, I thought I knew what went in their heads but never understood the depths of it until the storming of Bastille and when all of the aristocrats were taken captive. However, before some of the aristocrats were taken captive, a bunch of them were taken out from their comfy homes and shot in public. The ones responsible for their deaths were people randomly taken from the crowd and forced to hold a gun and shoot lives that were as equal as theirs. The day before my master, Lord Jacob, and his wife, Lady Maria, and two children were taken. I was in the stables having a... [Read More]

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13 Aug, 2015 11:36 PM

A TRUE STORY OF MY BEST FRIEND... When I think about love, the first think comes to my mind is GOD. GOD loves us some much, his creation is so perfect, so that we can do any work by ourselves. Till now, we reached from the bed of Oceans to the end of our solar system in space to learn and gain more and more knowledge. GOD is so powerful, without almighty we can’t lead our daily life, we all see GOD everyday but we never realize that anytime, this world is a gift of GOD, to share with each one of us. So ultimately, all religions in this world are meant to lover each other but that seems to be not happening. We, humans are so abhor to each other, they can’t understand the meaning of life and the words of religions. Even sometime GOD seems to be blind.... [Read More]

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No Mama, we can't leave!


05 Nov, 2014 04:42 AM

So it was really gone then. I thought that we could still stay. I really wanted to stay. Mama and Daddy really wanted to stay. Even Charles, who absolutely hated this place, wanted to stay. I guess anybody would stay here in Oklahoma rather than somewhere else, where they would have to start with a new life, new farm, new everything. But we can’t stay now. We wouldn't have anywhere to live. Because our home was gone. The big, mean people crushed it into little pieces. Although I’m hoping that a miracle will happen in the next few seconds bringing our home back. I really, really hoped, but deep down I knew that the miracle was only in my dreams. I guess that we could live at Aunt Heather’s house, but they will do the same to her house soon, if they haven’t already. It’s the same case for everybody... [Read More]

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Loss Of Love

Caleb Lowe

19 Sep, 2014 09:47 AM

I'll keep things short for you, well, as short as I can. Witch really means kinda long. I'm 19. I'm one of those strange people who gives more than they have whenever they can. Doesn't have many true friends, in fact not one real friend. I was just never good with friends. I was always good with ladies if I wanted but I was never into the dating scene through out most high school because I knew the chances of it lasting were slim so no friends and no love life. I did have friends but no real true friends. Family? I was the second oldest. My mother had had my older brother when she was 17. His dad was never in the picture. Then she had me with a different man 2 years later.and he was gone before I was born. 2 years later she married a navy man.... [Read More]

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The Way I Am


02 Mar, 2014 09:57 AM

We're exhausted and our souls have grown weary. Just like the clothes you wore grew worn, your soul also wears out. Soon, the tiredness will overwhelm all and there will only be a darkness surrounding the hopes of the souls' wandering. Does life matter? Does it matter? Does it? We ask this question many times. We struggle and frantically kick the air about us but we hit nothing. We're all alone. We suffers alone, and all we love, we love alone. Some love wishes are granted, and some are rejected. Some death wishes are granted, and some are rejected. Some hope wishes are granted, but some are crushed. The world we live in is as such. Crying out, "Cruel!" doesn't help anyone. No one cares, no one sees. No one sees the hand drowning in the midst of the wide diversity and assuming it as a waving hand, non fathom.... [Read More]

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A Few Hours Too Late


10 Jul, 2013 02:54 AM

I've always had a good life. My parents are together, I have a big family and lots of friends, and I never had a rainy day. The worst that happened to me was when we had to move for my dad's job. We moved practically every two years. My friends weren't close enough to me for me to miss them terribly until i started high school. My first class was full of people i knew. There were also many i didn't know. By the end of the semester most everyone in that class was on my good side. It was one of those days when the class goes to the computer lab to work and you're able to choose where you sit. There was one guy i didn't know. We'll call him Sam. I decided to sit with him. People say eyes are the windows to the soul. The first... [Read More]

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Last love

Mei Mei

18 Dec, 2012 03:24 PM

It started when I was in senior high. My class consisted only 16 students. I was an introverted, shy girl. Nobody talked to me as I never gave them a chance to get close to me. I was never interested in any kind of relationship. Whenever it gets to a group work, nobody wants me. All I do was to wait if a group lacks member. Even when my classmate made fun of me, I kept quiet. I once told myself that I should no longer be an introverted girl, yet I don't know why I can't. One day, a new boy called Jack entered my class. He was fat ass, dorky. I believed he would be no different from me. However, he was actually outgoing, nice and smart boy. He was kind to everyone. He praises everybody, even me. He said, "Woah! I'm sitting next to a genius girl!"... [Read More]

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Tragic Christmas

Mystic Nightshade

21 Aug, 2011 09:58 PM

She shook nervously as she watched him leave his friends to go home. This was her chance. She had been crushing on him for nearly a year. However, because she was so shy, she could never muster the courage to really confess her feelings to him. When she had first moved to this town, she was too shy to make any new friends. However, he had been nice enough to talk to her and show her around. He was so kind and he always seemed so happy. Every time he smiled at her, she felt a flutter in her stomach and her heart would beat faster. When he saw her, he smiled. He knew from the first time he saw her that she was different. She was kind and she always seemed to put the needs of others before her own. Unlike most of the girls at school, she wasn't... [Read More]

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I Dont Know


14 May, 2011 04:23 PM

"I don't know" is my favorite phrase these days - when i say "these days" i mean since June 14th 2010, that's 11 months. I'm really confused about my feelings. First of all, this might not be the saddest story and i might seem ungrateful for my life at the moment but i really cant cope with this. I'm feeling so depressed and just literally want to die right now. I told one of my friends about this (the only person i could really trust with this) and they told me to go see a psychologist.. but i don't want to. I know - stubborn. I think its better if i get the pain over with and kill myself. Right now I'm at the point where every time i go in the kitchen or get hold off a knife, i press it against my face and it relieves me for... [Read More]

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