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The upside down of life


07 Dec, 2016 05:46 PM

I was young and afraid but as a fifteen year old, the last thing I expect to feel was despondence. Due to the fact I worked as a horse caretaker for an aristocrat and his family, the commoners took pity on me. At first, I thought I knew what went in their heads but never understood the depths of it until the storming of Bastille and when all of the aristocrats were taken captive. However, before some of the aristocrats were taken captive, a bunch of them were taken out from their comfy homes and shot in public. The ones responsible for their deaths were people randomly taken from the crowd and forced to hold a gun and shoot lives that were as equal as theirs. The day before my master, Lord Jacob, and his wife, Lady Maria, and two children were taken. I was in the stables having a... [Read More]

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Who Am I? 04/29/2015

Harold Smith

29 Apr, 2015 04:38 PM

Table Of Contents Chapter 1: An Orphan Chapter 2: Friends Chapter 3: The Pariah Chapter 4: Forbidden Desire Chapter 5: Love Chapter 6: Self Hatred Chapter 7: Painful Memories Chapter 8: Demons From the Past Chapter 1: An Orphan 1: There was once a humble family who lived in Ireland. They were called the O'Neals. There was man named Brian, his wife named Ida, and their two children, a son named Dillon and a daughter named Claire. They were a poor family, but they were all honest, hard-working folk who all loved one-another dearly. Sadly, they suffered many abuses from their English landlords who stole their land and forced them to pay heavy taxes so that they were always poor. 2: Then came the great famine, and many people in Ireland began to starve. At first the O’Neals tried to make the best of things, but at length they fled... [Read More]

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Letter to my Almost Lover


20 Mar, 2015 09:03 AM

I remember when I first saw you. I didn't see all of you at first, I just saw your eyes. They were a piercing blue that held me for what felt like a millennium. What followed was your laughter; it was the type of laughter that was contagious - everyone around you would laugh, or at least smile. You had an ability to light up a room. I first worked up the courage to talk to you in our P.E. class. You were a senior, I was a freshman. The difference alone made me nervous. I don't recall what we spoke about, but I felt an immediate connection with you. You began to give me rides to school; I always looked forward to those mornings. Once, I missed my bus and, instead of walking (which would have been faster) I called you. You came and got me, even though you... [Read More]

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the life that could have been

mark m

05 Oct, 2011 10:05 AM

Nothing like finding out 27 years later that you got torpedoed/robbed of what could've been. My brother married a girl many years ago.I was in my early 20's at the time. One of her life long friends was in the wedding as I was. This gal and I just hit it off. She was 4 years older then me but no problem. We pretty much fell for each other instantly I came home just for the wedding as the company I worked for was moving me way north. Emails/cell phones were non existent but her and I stayed in touch. I flew down to see her a few times and we just had no issues. I remember my then new sister in law making comments about her friend and me getting rather cozy with one another but it just went over my head. She didn't approve and I basically told... [Read More]

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Life's Too Short

Frankie Julbe

26 Jun, 2011 07:56 PM

There was a Woman that I will always love, There was a Lady that filled my life chapter with Passion, There was a love that made history onto present and future, There was a life that was short?. I will tell not only my friends and family but the world of our love?.. I was in the waiting room for my regular checkup, its been hours and still they haven?t called my name. I look around and see some pain in strangers faces?, other with wheelchairs, some with children, a regular day at the clinic. Minutes have turned into hours and I was without patience. I stand and head towards the nurse in the office window and before I even ask what?s the hold up I see a lady around my age,(20?s) wearing a button up shirt with jeans and very attractive, she cuts me off and looks at me... [Read More]

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Sleepless Nights

Frankie Julbe

01 Jun, 2011 06:25 PM

Sleepless Nights 12:45 in the morning, I cant take anymore, but I have to, I have to see you. My shift is coming close to its end, "Penelope" called the nurse. There you were escaping the shadows of darkness that room behold of you,. The light touch her exquisite features, long dark hair past her shoulders and fragrance of ocean breeze, lips as red and flawless as a bloom rose, eyes so captivating that shocks all my senses, you are flawless in every way imaginable, you are my burning desire, my endless love, and yet the most beautiful and good hearted suffers a mental disorder. I've only started to work in this psychiatric ward for 2 months and these months will rain forever more happiness then, than in my lifetime. Penelope was suffering from Schizophrenia and I was just a staff there. It was December 20 the day I met... [Read More]

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