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the life that could have been

mark m

05 Oct, 2011 10:05 AM

Nothing like finding out 27 years later that you got torpedoed/robbed of what could've been. My brother married a girl many years ago.I was in my early 20's at the time. One of her life long friends was in the wedding as I was. This gal and I just hit it off. She was 4 years older then me but no problem. We pretty much fell for each other instantly

I came home just for the wedding as the company I worked for was moving me way north. Emails/cell phones were non existent but her and I stayed in touch. I flew down to see her a few times and we just had no issues. I remember my then new sister in law making comments about her friend and me getting rather cozy with one another but it just went over my head. She didn't approve and I basically told her to worry about something else.

We were having a long distance relationship but it was working. One day She just stopped returning my calls or answering my letters. I even called her parents home and they were just real cold to me after having been very hospitable to me.. I took the hint and that was that.

I never understood why she vanished on me but life moved on. Well I just saw her at a wedding of one of my brothers kids. wow. the same connection..unreal..

we have since cleared the air and she just admitted her sister in law did everything she could to discourage her from seeing me.

The room turned upside down upon hearing this. It all started to make sense. I'm a grown man now but I would have loved to see where this girl and me would have ended up.

Why I was trashed is a mystery. I have been as good an uncle can be to their kids..a good brother in law. As I type I just don't understand. I finished college early. I was motivated. I am and will always be a gentlemen. You don't have to put a bag over my head either. I pick up stray animals on the road and help them???????? I think I'm a good guy.

I will never speak of this with anyone else as no good will come from it but I got robbed. Her and I talk a lot now. neither of us live near one another. I wish I had never figured this out cause it really hurts. To pick this back up sounds so great as we're both single. However I see us in my mind being young..raising kids. There is no going back.. Its very hard to explain whats going through my mind..

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Ellen says:
26 Oct, 2014 02:38 PM

and Vanessa is 4 months old! You may rembemer her as the cute 10 day old giving us the peace sign (shown here). We love seeing how she's grown since then and how incredibly cute she is. This time around,

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andrea says:
17 Jun, 2017 07:51 AM

loved that story. . its so touching. .

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