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Life's Too Short

Frankie Julbe

26 Jun, 2011 07:56 PM

There was a Woman that I will always love, There was a Lady that filled my life chapter with Passion, There was a love that made history onto present and future, There was a life that was short?. I will tell not only my friends and family but the world of our love?..

I was in the waiting room for my regular checkup, its been hours and still they haven?t called my name. I look around and see some pain in strangers faces?, other with wheelchairs, some with children, a regular day at the clinic. Minutes have turned into hours and I was without patience. I stand and head towards the nurse in the office window and before I even ask what?s the hold up I see a lady around my age,(20?s) wearing a button up shirt with jeans and very attractive, she cuts me off and looks at me and winks, I just stand there drifting into a imaginary setting, daydreaming of this stranger what could come and how could it. I catch myself glimpsing into a future that may not become so I awaking from this daydream and decided to leave instead of waiting another couple of hours just for a routine check up. I head outside and my car is park across the street, I started walking before reaching the end of the sidewalk to cross I heard a voice echoing ?excuses me, sir?, pretending not to hear this voice I proceeding walking, crossing over to the street with this voice following me. As I near my car the voice gets louder and ask ?Excuse Me, Sir??, I turn and to my surprise it was the lady who cut me off, I could feel myself returning to my earlier trance ?Excuse me, Sir? she asked again. ?Yes? I responded, ?Sorry about that mister, for.. You know cutting you off?, she said ?Oh, it?s ok? I responded, ?No, I really mean it.. You see I?ve been in that clinic for hours just as you have and?. Excuse me, I don?t mean to be so blunt but I?ve been staring at you since you came in and I really didn?t know how to approach a very attractive stud so I just jumped in front of you just to grab your attention? she said laughing. I didn?t know how to respond, I turned my back got into the car and with her staring and waiting for a response I turned the keys and left. I was regretting it, I just didn?t know how to respond to an approach as that. Let me tell in a house, so alone, all I thought is how I wish I?ve responded.
Day has come with nothing but thoughts of her, My brain was brewing a storm, thinking of the most drastic measure of finding this lady among millions, I didn?t care, I have to find her. I?ve roam the streets, malls, grocery stores, and the library, my hope was lost, suddenly I forgot to think of the place I?ve met her, the hospital, I?ve rush towards, I parked my car and headed towards the entrance, to my surprise she wasn?t there in the lobby, so I lingered around the hospital, just replaying yesterday and retracing every moment that lead to my hourly insanity, so I start to head towards the exit thinking ?am I really doing this?? When I see her off the reflection of the sliding doors, I quickly turn and find her walking among this long lonely hall, my surroundings have all turn dark and I was unresponsive to everything around, my attention was all devoted to this stranger, I was a man who didn?t believe in faith, until this day that I found her. She was beautiful how her silky dark hair caress her neck, her lips which gave off a natural gloss, and her beautiful light green eyes, there was only one piece that I couldn?t understand, she was wearing a patient gown. I see her heading my way and my palms start to sweat and my heart starts to beat faster with every step she takes, I see light fills her surroundings back as I gain my focus on what she might say. She approaches me and asks ? Hey stranger, I see you came back for another visit huh?? ? Yes, I have since I miss yesterday appointment? I answered. ?Sorry about yesterday, I just had to speak to you it really wasn?t a choice my body acted upon its own attraction, I really didn?t mean to scare you off? she said. ? oh its alright miss????? I was itching for her name. ?Isabel? she said. She the ask me my name and I told her David in a very fierce full voice. Wow, even her saying her name, ISABEL stroke my nerves and send passionate electric waves traveling to all my limbs. ?Surprise to see you here again Isabel,? ?Yeah, I?m coming on with a strong cough that wont go away,? ? that?s terrible? I said. ?Will you come with me,..(I was thinking where?)?I?m just in bed rest and I have no company in my room,? ?Sure, Isabel?. She lead the way, which seem like a maze was built inside hospital just getting to her room, as we approach her room one of the doctors looks at me and smile and says ?Finally, Isabel getting company?. Isabel looks at the doctor blushing and smiling, she then pushes her door open and all I could see was hundreds of bouquets, all different types of flowers all over her room. ?Wow, this is really beautiful? I said.
?I guess,? she responded. ?You guess, Isabel I wish someone brought me this many flowers when I stayed in the hospital for just a cold? I said laughing. She sat down on her bed, looking down and she said in soft, sad voice ?This flowers are all from me, I wish they were from friends or family but I have none.? I couldn?t think of words to say when someone this beautiful is left to suffer all alone. I sat down next to her and we starting talking for hours by the time I took a glance at the clock it was 11 o?clock. I started getting up a to leave and she asks me if I could come by tomorrow, ?Yes? I responded. The next morning I?ve decided to head back and on the way I?ve brought her a single rose. I enter the hospital and she was waiting for me in the lobby she approaches me and says ?I couldn?t wait in my room any longer I had to come out here just to watch you come out the car? she said laughing. I pick up my hand holding the rose and hand it to her, the gleams in her eyes how she spark joy had me hypnotize. I could see tears but none falling, she was holding back for me not to see. She grabs me and embraces me saying thank you with sweet, soft cheek kisses. She grabs my hand and proceed to take me on this maze to get to her room, when we get there she places the rose on top of her pillow saying its always going to be there, I laugh to myself. She asks me ?Do you have anything to do today?, ?No not really? I said. ?Good because I was maybe, kind of, hoping that you could keep me company, you won?t be bored with me I promise?. She then pulls out these cheesy boards games underneath her bed, looking so beautiful as she pulls each one asking me which one should we play keeping me entertain just so she wouldn?t be alone. I really didn?t care what game we played I really just wanted to be in her present, so I could drift into my imagination of endless magic with her. We played for hours, joking, laughing and flirting with one another. Time has come to keep me from pleasure, she then asks me if I could stop by again tomorrow and I told her after work which was around 3 in the afternoon, she stands and looks me in the eyes and says thank you for the rose, she pushes against me and kisses me. I was in shock I was thinking more Wow, this girl really moves fast, but I didn?t care. You know people say fireworks fly when being kiss by the one, but mines wasn?t just mere fireworks, my kiss with Isabel was a destination of the most lovely place which could only be seen within my heart, it was a touch that electrified my nerve and took my soul, it was a smell of a field of fresh breeze, but Isabel kiss was more than these words, it?s a feeling of pleasure indescribable in writing, its only felt. The next day I awake,
Feeling my lips and enjoying this moment of a hopeless romantic. I called off work just to go see her. I rush dodging traffic and as I slow down entering the hospital I see Isabel outside sitting alone among these long steps. I approach her without her noticing me but my shadow cast?s over her and she lefts her head and looks at me with a surprise, she stands and hugs me and asks me ? what happen?, I thought you worked today??, ?They gave me the day off? I said I really didn?t want her to know that she was my obsession. ?Are you hungry Isabel? I asks. ?Hell yeah I want some burger I?m tired of this hospital food?. So we go inside and asks her care provider if we could go out and eat and to my amazement she said yes. So we go to a little burger place and we sat and ate, we start talking and I ask her ?So why are you still in the hospital??, she looks at me with sad eyes and respond ?I?m dying, I have cancer?, my heart just stop I couldn?t believe it. ?I want to feel what love is, that was prayer, the day before you walked in that hospital?, I was speechless the whole meal I was just listening to her story. When we finish eating we headed back to the hospital and she takes me to her room and hands me this list and it turned out to be a list of all the things she wants to do before she dies, I distracted her by starting another topic so I could take this list. We spent the whole day talking until nightfall. We kiss and hugged and now I kind of understand why she so much in a rush to find love, it was terrible, sad and also very lovely. I thought of her that night I read her list the first thing was: Falling in love and the rest were all visiting exotic places, such as Europe, Africa, Australia and some island on the carribean, and the last one was to get married.
The next day I called work to tell them that I?m taking a vacation, they had no problem since I never called off. So I went to visit Isabel and I enter her room and she turns and asks me if I?ve seen her list and I responded by saying no, she made a mess in that room looking for her list. I asked her if she wanted to take a stroll with me outside to occupied her so she wouldn?t get mad, as we step outside she starting throwing up and falling to her knees is was unbearable to watch, I?ve called the nurses and they rush to take her in she starting throwing up blood, I was so scared. When they finally grab her and rested her on the hospital bed I came up close to her and just gazing upon her beauty, she was unresponsive but I stayed with her until the next morning. The next morning she awoke and started crying because she said ?I?m not afraid of dying but im dying without accomplishing anything in this life, I haven?t even went to a real prom.? I didn?t know what to say again I was speechless. Weeks have pass and I stayed with her, I?ve got her breakfast, I read to her, and I also feed her whenever she couldn?t. The day has finally came where she was release back to her original room and I wanted to do something special. I decorated her room with a prom theme even with a spotlight. I?ve lead her to the room where its was all dark with only the spot casting upon us she looks at me smiles and says ?I?m not ready, I look horrible,? ?Nonsense, your beautiful it?s a pleasure to take you to our prom,? I said. I put on a cd as the lyrics starts she grabs my hand and slowly takes me to the center of the room under the spotlight and starts to sing, Elvis Presley ? Wise?Men?say?Only fools rush in, but I cant help falling in love with you?. Shall?I?stay?would it be a sin if can?t help falling in love with you. She sounds wonderful, she wraps her arms around me as the songs plays and slowly dances with me. She pulls away lock her eyes onto mine and passionately kisses me, feeling each other spirits entering one other as we become one that night. The next day I wake up with her head upon my chest I soak her natural smell, and she kisses my chest and suddenly the doctor walks in, I jump from a surprise and leave the scene escaping what problems I could be dealing with. I go outside and linger until I build up my courage to head back, when I finally decide to go back I see her walking out, she approaches me and tells me she has therapy today, so she askes me if I could return tomorrow around 10 at night when her therapy is finish, ?Of course? I said. I head back home to find myself in the loneliness I tried to delay. The next morning I go to a library to soak in all information of Europe, I was thinking of a plan of taking her to Europe without her leaving her room, every week I will have a new destination in her room every time she comes back to therapy. So I head to every store trying to make this small hospital room look as authentic as Europe is. Every corner of this room was a different theme one corner was Spain, filled little activities we could do the other side of the corner was England, also filled with activities the last corner was Portugal and in the middle of this room I had the setting of Italy with a Italian small Italian canoe where we would have an Italian dinner. When all was done and I looked to my amazement and I couldn?t believe I transformed this room into Europe it was really beautiful, I couldn?t wait when she was done, finally 10 o?clock came and she wasn?t here so I waited standing outside the door with these fake passport tickets and as minutes turned into hours I knew something was wrong I approach the nurse and she tells me she?s in a care facility located 6 floors up. I run towards the elevators pushing anyone in my way and I enter the elevators and I got off the next stop it was slow so I took the stairs until I reach the 6th floor and when I get there I ask one of the nurses and she doesn?t seem to know who I was asking about. I was furious I must of every single nurse on that shift until one of them told me she was a floor up once again I take the stairs reaching the 7th floor and one of the nurses told me she was in the last room a corner of the elevator , I could my heart racing hoping nothing bad has happen. I forcefully open her door and I see her with all these iv?s stuck upon her arms, I approach her and brush her hair away from her face kissing her forehead, I was talking to her asking her what happen? but its really a stupid knowing that she?s dying of this illness, I spent that night with her even if she was unresponsive. The next day she still hasn?t awaking so I head back to her old room and clean up, when im done I head home to take a shower and pack my clothes so I could spend every night with her. I return to her and she still isn?t up.
Weeks has pass and I take care of her, one day I was brushing her hair and a lot of fell to the floor, I didn?t think much she was still beautiful.
Its been 1 month and 2 weeks before she awaking from this slumber, I approach her and she?s delusional not remembering how she got there, she puts a smile upon her face and melts my heart. I feed her that day and we talk but I don?t tell her about what I?ve done for her. The doctor walks in and says she cant return to her own room. She looks at me and says ?I cant believe this is where I?m going to died? she starts crying covering her face and I stand embracing her trying to hold my tears back.
2 weeks had pass and I?ve been there for her everyday until today when she wakes up and she sees her all her hair has falling she starts crying I approach her and she pushes my hand away from her and tells me to leave that she doesn?t want to see me anymore , that she?s ugly and I?m stupid for staying there with her. I didn?t leave I stand there staring at her beautiful face crying and thinking why is she saying that to me, suddenly I see 4 male nurse entering her room and telling me to leave so I put up no fight and leave. At home I called her every minute she just ignored my call, so just call the nurse to check up on her every hour.
This is day I?m going to marry her I said to myself, I?ve bought me a tuxedo and her a wedding dress and even asks one of the fathers in one of the nearby churches to bewedd us he said he?ll meet me at the hospital. I was going to take her last name so I could live with a part of her forever?.

This was the last entry David has written for me, its been 2 years since David has died in a car wreck, racing to the hospital to marry me, David has died when it was suppose to be me, but when he died my health has gotten better he gave me his life, I like to think. Even if this letter is of how you?ve met a stranger and fell in love with me, this is your story David and as I write and cry I would love to thank how such a beautiful life you have giving me and how such beautiful life has showed me the world.
I love you, David.

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SAhil says:
14 Jul, 2011 10:06 AM

wat hppnd to isabel did she marry ny1??????

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Busi says:
18 Aug, 2011 04:52 AM

This story is really sad! tragedies of life.

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