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Impossible school love (part 1)

Lonely Penny

11 Oct, 2014 02:23 AM

I was silently sits on my chair, writing on my sheets on paper while the teacher was talking about the Geographic Region of Montreal. I look at my right hand, which was holding my pencil; on my hand, I have wrote "depression hurts but it's the only thing that keeps me alive until you love me <//3" in black, blue and red pen, with some sad faces. It was true, after all… I just see myself like a tall teenage girl with very short red/blond hairs, shaved on one side with a long fringe that hides my left eye and my forehead covered with small scars; a scary white face who always seems unhappy; two brown eyes always full of water, like if I could cry to every single words; a really good pair of boobs, that every perverts likes; a little round belly because of my few small extra... [Read More]

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If I knew it would end


24 Aug, 2014 08:43 PM

It has been almost 3 years... Jacob has been the love of my life. We shared every moment together good and bad. Everyone taught we were going to be together forever, but forever was too long. I taught we were going to be something; have a small apartment, kids, long old memories, but that dream just didn't come through. We met at a party. We had been chosen by our parents to be partners for a girl's dance. When we first met, it was awkward.. I had never knew this guy and now I was suppose to hold his hand and dance with him? He was pretty annoying, something he tripped me on purpose, and It irritated me. I even told my mom I wanted to get out, but she insisted I continue with the dance. Months of practicing the dance with Jacob, we got to know each other. He... [Read More]

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Last love

Mei Mei

18 Dec, 2012 03:24 PM

It started when I was in senior high. My class consisted only 16 students. I was an introverted, shy girl. Nobody talked to me as I never gave them a chance to get close to me. I was never interested in any kind of relationship. Whenever it gets to a group work, nobody wants me. All I do was to wait if a group lacks member. Even when my classmate made fun of me, I kept quiet. I once told myself that I should no longer be an introverted girl, yet I don't know why I can't. One day, a new boy called Jack entered my class. He was fat ass, dorky. I believed he would be no different from me. However, he was actually outgoing, nice and smart boy. He was kind to everyone. He praises everybody, even me. He said, "Woah! I'm sitting next to a genius girl!"... [Read More]

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