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Impossible school love (part 1)

Lonely Penny

11 Oct, 2014 02:23 AM

I was silently sits on my chair, writing on my sheets on paper while the teacher was talking about the Geographic Region of Montreal. I look at my right hand, which was holding my pencil; on my hand, I have wrote "depression hurts but it's the only thing that keeps me alive until you love me <//3" in black, blue and red pen, with some sad faces. It was true, after all…

I just see myself like a tall teenage girl with very short red/blond hairs, shaved on one side with a long fringe that hides my left eye and my forehead covered with small scars; a scary white face who always seems unhappy; two brown eyes always full of water, like if I could cry to every single words; a really good pair of boobs, that every perverts likes; a little round belly because of my few small extra pounds and two fat laps. But some guys and girls think I'm cute with my rosy cheeks and my big eyes; and even if we have a uniform (a polo with a jeans and if you want a sweater), they think it suits me very well. But I don't think so, I found myself ugly as shit and fat, useless and down deep inside. I'm nothing. I've shouldn't have been born at all.

When I look at him, I saw a beautiful guy with the same hairs as mine, but they're black and a bit more short; a beautiful white face with two forest green eyes; two skinny cheeks; rosy lips than I just want to kiss so badly, especially when he smiles… He's tall, like 2 or 3 cm higher than me; he is skinny but powerful, he loves video games but he also likes to walks outside and hanging out his friends… He's cute with his black polo a bit too large, his sweater that just fits him very well, his "baggy" grey jeans and his black and white Nikes. He's the guy I love, the guy who makes me smile in class when I discretely look at him. His name his Esteban and I'm deeply in love with him.


I look at her after, Emilie. Emilie is tall too; she has long and light brown hairs; two beautiful grey eyes always surrounded by black makeup to make them be even more beautiful; she does not really have boobs, but she have a little bit; she has a pair of pulpy and rosy lips; two fat cheeks covered by little buttons (we're teenagers, bro) and she's not too skinny, not to fat. For me, she's perfect. Emilie is not shy, she's out going; Emilie is not silent, she loves to talk and laugh; Emilie is not a "nerdy little reader", she's a really "TALKING-TO-MUCH" person… She's so perfect; that's also why she is Esteban's girlfriend. I suddenly remember when somebody have heard that I somehow love Esteban, and, in Physical Education, while we're playing soccer, a girl started to scream; "Esteban! Esteban! Penelope loves you!" And then, the whole class look at me strangely, and starting to laugh or giggles. I was so embarrassed that I ran away quickly and didn't come back after.

"Penelope!" The teacher suddenly screams. "Stay focus!" I nod, and starting to write before the bell rang.

I got up and take my books with me, walking shyly between all of the peeps in the corridors. I go downstairs to put my stuff into my locker and some people gave me a strange look or laughing, whispering in each other ears. I did nothing, just as I always did, open my locker before trowing my things inside. When people stopped looking at me, I look at Esteban and feel water inside my eyes; he was smiling with Emilie, before kissing her tenderly. I shook my head and put my stuff in my schoolbag; I have take the decision that I'm not going to go to school for the rest of the day. I started to walk away, after every door was locked. Then, I put a hand in my pocket and sighed.

I have again forgotten my fucking keys.


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mishell says:
20 Oct, 2014 05:04 AM

pls continue the story, the story is really nice .. ily

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glen moakamedi says:
27 Oct, 2014 06:17 AM

i realy love this story,please share with me part 2

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crea says:
30 Oct, 2014 04:08 AM

wow...nice story, i'm hoping for part 2

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Lonely Penny says:
09 Jan, 2015 11:52 PM

Thank you, I'm wroting thw whole story right now ^^

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adnan younis says:
18 Jan, 2015 02:33 PM

hi! my name is Adnan, I'm medium sized brown nice hair and my love story began in yr7 when I met a girl that felt like she was a angel that fell from heaven, and the thing was I'm Pakistani and she is polish but she was almondy skin coloured tall and beautiful brown eyes, she sat opposite me and the love kicked in for me it was love at first sight and we started talking when we started borrowing pencils rubbers and sharpners etc from each other but when I went on holiday for 2 moonths to Pakistan and when I returned it was start of yr9 and she got moved to set 2 for everything that's the clever class and I was in set 3 the average class and one day I saw her hanging out with better boys that me at that point she didn't even look at me and before she used to knock into my shoulder on purpose to show she liked me but now she didn't everyday I go to school and shes talking to me I feel she put a knife through my heart tears come into my eyes when I think of is a backstabber.

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Ethan says:
20 Apr, 2015 07:29 AM

I very much love the story but plz CONTINUE PLZ, also personally I think u kinda ruine dit with the last sense but apart from that GREAT JOB :D Plz continue :D

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nickey udo says:
30 Jul, 2018 08:58 PM

please conutiue it really interetin

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