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to be broken


15 Jun, 2015 10:20 AM

OK... this is a story that starts when I first entered high school... I was a 13 teen year old bisexual girl who was happy and joyous all the time. One day I met this amazing girl who, I have to admit... id fallen in love with... she was beautiful... brown eyes, long brown hair down to her butt, amazing smile, (for this story ill call her "Kate") So on that day I decided to become friends with her. A couple weeks later I had never felt so in love and hypnotized by this one girl so I asked (at the time I did know if she was gay or bi ) "w-will you go out with me?" She stared at me and laughed before saying "we should be wifeys" (of course that's what she said... in other words "no!") Weeks had past and she started teasing me... she said... [Read More]

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Leukemia ruins Lives


15 Nov, 2012 01:28 AM

So this is my story it is 100% true and I hope you guys read it through. Sorry if it is a little long! So January of 2011 I was in 8th grade and I wanted to get on the soccer team in high school so I started playing club soccer so I could get on the team in high school. Soon I was on Laguna Nigel soccer club at the time I never would have guess what this team would do to me and how it would change me live forever. So the first few months were good I got to know the girls and I thought they were all really nice and really good at soccer, we did ok in the first season I think we got 2nd in it. So I started to become best friends with all of the girls they became like my second family... [Read More]

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Love? Or just Gratitude?


23 Oct, 2011 03:06 AM

Hello, my name's D. Koleen M. Dado, and I am going to go through a painful memory which I forced to stay hidden, admist all the other unwanted reveries. It all started with a dog. Ironic isn't it? Everything starts with little things.... A kiss. A hug. A handshake. A smile. As my brother,my mother and I had gone jogging in a park near our house when suddenly my mom cried out ''Look ! Isn't that Shaun's dog?'' At the mention of my crush's(he was my neighbor) name, my head snapped up. Indeed it was, the dog that is. So, my mom found a string and hooked it around the dog's leash. We walked it around for awhile and decided to go back. On our way, I spotted his car and we caught their attention. They were extremely grateful and my mom was chatting up with his mom. And there... [Read More]

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