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Friend, Bestfriend, Girlfriend

Unknown kid

04 Sep, 2017 03:17 AM

My memory is a blur so some may not make sence however this is all a true story and one of my many regrets. The day we met. 3 girls, bestfriends. Lets call them A B and C. A was my lady she was adoreable and B was her bestfriend, could call them sisters. C was the weirdo of the group who we would always run away from just to get away from but nobody could split the 3 apart. As time started to fly by i started to get to know C and she grew on me. We started as just talking and then she became my theropist when me and A was having our downfalls. Me and A split up after a while but was still good friends, The whole school knew C had a thing for me even i knew however i never let myself slip because... [Read More]

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All alone forever

The broken girl

18 Apr, 2015 03:16 PM

I literally will be all alone......forever. Me I am the cheerful kind person everyone loves except some people don't see me like that. I have a lot of friends because I study people and then act like their ideal person. I'm not pretending. Each person I act like is just another part of me. Though I always regret it in the end because when I act like myself they think I'm acting weird. I get sad when they look up what our names mean and it shows the exact description of the TRUE me in the middle of all those other ones because when they see it they say its the exact opposite of me or its nothing like me. People pretend they know me all the time when they really don't. I just smile and agree but what they also don't know is I'm a great actress too. Incident... [Read More]

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Living off of love

Elijah Medina

10 Apr, 2015 07:47 AM

There was a 16 year old boy named Tristan. He liked this girl named Breanna. He wanted to ask her to Prom for a while now. So he mustered up his courage and he asked her to Prom one day dressed nice, with flowers and a poster and all. She just apologized to him and said that she already had a date. The onlookers laughed at his effort coming to nothing. He sadly left and started to walk home. He saw a girl, lonely, sitting on a bench. He recognized her from around the school. "I think her name was Shar or something." He thought. He asked her if she would like to come with him to Prom. She just laughed at him and said "" He stood there for a moment, feelings building up, then he just said to her, "Just take the flowers so I can go cry."... [Read More]

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Lost a sister


06 Apr, 2015 05:36 PM

This is a true story about two girls who were more like sisters than best friends... but that friendship slowly died. The names of the girls in this story will be changed because of identity safety. Ariel and I were best friends since we were little. We were more like sisters than best friends our moms used to say. I remember the day she changed completely... It my first day of 8th grade and I was excited to see my friends I haven't seen over the summer, especially Ariel. When I walked into the classroom, I saw all my friends and we talked about our summer. I was looking for Ariel through the crowd until I saw her head. I pushed through the crowd and there she was. At first I was shocked to see her because she was chubby, had acne all over her face, and she had braces.... [Read More]

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the boy in my neighborhood


01 Feb, 2015 02:10 AM

My first day of Middle school, I walked to the bus stop. As I stood there waiting for the bus a car stopped in front of me and he stepped out of it. I had never seen this boy before so I asked, "are you a 6th grader also?" He nodded his head and that was the last time I communicated with him for the rest of the year. The next school year my friend and I were talking on the ride home from school. He was sitting in the seat behind me so I decided to include him in our conversation, "So, who do you have for math?" He looks at me and tells me his teacher's name, "wow, so do I." I say. he smiles, "I know, you are in my class?" I gave him a confused look, "Really?" He laughs a little, "Yes," he assures me. And... [Read More]

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My mothers young love.


03 Sep, 2012 06:41 AM

Hey everyone! I decided to share this story because I believe it may help some people that are unhappy with their family. So this is a story my mother told me when I was so upset over a guy that was a total jerk. It is a sad story but it made me thankful for what I had in life, and no matter what happens my mother is always going to be here for me, I'm so thankful to have a mother when others aren't so lucky. When my mother was my age, 15 she was dating this guy named Dale. She said how they were inseparable and still has a necklace that he got her for her birthday. One day Dale was going to go for a ride on his Dirt Bike and asked if my mom wanted to go with. She asked her grandmother if she could go... [Read More]

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I Just Really Hate Life.


06 Apr, 2012 12:53 AM

I don't know why I'm doing this. I'm so pitiful and no one cares. I guess I just need to vent. yes, this is a true story. I guess it all starts with no one really caring about me. I was the child who was ignored. The the child who was born for failure. Whatever. I'm over that, but what really pisses me off is that no one really started even looking at me until I got "pretty". I started wearing makeup. people actually talked to me. but they didn't care. I knew they didn't. I just wanted someone to talk to me for once. I went years without anybody even glancing at me and it felt good that people wanted to talk to me.. I started dating this boy who really cared about me.. well I don't know.. maybe he was just going through the motions like everyone else.... [Read More]

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i still love him


16 Jul, 2011 11:39 PM

i wont post my real name because i dont want people to know this part of me, but this is my story..... Ever since i was little i was lonely, my parents would always fight, and in my country (bangladesh), if anything wrong happned my dad would sometimes slap me. i was a very bad student because i couldn't care less about studies. suddenly my parents decided to move to canada, and i was upset but not that much because nothing ever meant anything to me. i was different from everyone. i didnt talk, no nothing but everything changed when i went to grade 5, where i met this boy who was my classmate. he was very kind, gentle and nice. aldo he was the type who wans't really into relationships or dates. and he was really smart. he was different from other guys, and i didn't even notice, but... [Read More]

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