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Name: The broken girl
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About Me: I am dead inside. I help others with my own pain because I am not a normal person. I have been through everything you could ever go through yet I'm still living and pretending to be happy for the sake of others. It's not that I'm strong. I'm just too scared to cry. It's not like I know how anyway. I only cried once. Not when I was born. When I realized I was still here.
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Congratulations. Your really strong to be able to go through all of that. Its okay to cry. Losing someone is really hard but I'm also happy that you have found a good loving family. I hope you live a good life.
You know, you are beautiful. I don't even know you but being able to stay strong this long is amazing. You may be thinking negative but you still are strong just being able to stand there and live. Know that people do understand. I do. Maybe not exactly because nobody will truely understand. But I do get the feeling. A lot of people in my life have left me for being different or doing something wrong but for me that's okay because I think about how great the time with them was and I realize I have no regrets. If
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Milica I can fulfill your promise but at the same time I can't. You can trust people. It just depends on who you trust. I understand your pain I really do. Stuff like this has happened to me all the time but right now I have a really good friend that's a boy and we tell each other everything. I'm not trying to rub it in please don't take it like that. You just had it bad. I am fully with you. I am. You don't need to trust me but if you need someone to talk to I'm here.
Ah I'm sorry. I really am. If I knew you I would love to be your friend. I really would. I can't say I understand your bullying pain but I do understand your boy pain. Its okay to feel that sorrow. It is. Read my story and you'll see but please don't commit suicide. I'm not saying that for my sake but for yours. You don't need to punish yourself. You are beautiful like everyone else. Your friends just turned to the dark side and maybe they'll realize how great you really were. For now stay strong. Life can be