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A Promise that can never be fulfill

Milica Ilic

08 Apr, 2015 05:25 PM

A life start like a seed. Little by little, it's start growing into the beautiful flower, and that flower was the only one in the world, till one day a bee came to talk with a little flower. A flower was happy, because she knew that someone would understand how it is too feel to be alone. Their friendship grew stronger and stronger, but then the clouds took over the sun, and the rain started to fall. A bee was felling cold, and it has to go home, so he left flower and didn't return or even said goodbye. Flower was felling so sad, and a drop of a little tear made her fade, and she could never be born again...

I have 13 years, and I'm going into the 7th grade. I came into school called ''NewYork High'', two years ago.
I was afraid, thinking that the new friends would refuge me. And I was feeling like it. Two days I was lost in my mind, thinking what would happen next day, and over and over... Till I met him. He was kinda cute, handsome but what I really liked most about him, was his emotions. He didn't feel like other boys anger and wrath,he actually was good too me. One day some other girl from other class would always laugh at me how I don't now the grammar of our language and that get me little pissed of because of it:

''Excuse me, what did you say?'' I said
''You don't even know how to say alphabet of our country, what your like from farm or something?" She would say
''I'm sorry, if I don't now, I am stupid but you aren't smarter that me, so please leave me be''
''Whoa, whoa where are you going?'' she grabbed my hand so strongly that I couldn't get grip of.
I had to somehow get defend myself, so with my other hand I slap her and said:
''You made me do this'' I said, and runaway as fast as I can.

When I get to the class, everybody was looking at me oddly. I got confused, but one of my girl classmate said that how I'm selfish that I don't have feelings, that I beat a girl to the face of death. I knew that she would lie.

''That's not true. I was defending myself, what else could I do''
'' Oh, I'm sorry but that girl because of your ''defend'' left school with bruises!'' She would confess.
''But-'' I tried to say but she cut me...
'' No more from you. Teacher please give her a warm penalty and -''

I looked to the voice that was screaming. It was him. The boy that I liked.
''Please teacher, don't give her a penalty. I saw the scene. It's true. She was defending herself. So what if she don't know the grammar, we all are not the same. Please, I am begging for you.'' he would say.
Teacher quite was confused, and get quite all of sudden. But the words quickly get out.
''How much do I understand the story, I would say that our friend didn't mean to hit the girl. It is alright now, I free you from penalty''

I couldn't believe. The whole class was against me, but he was in whole world that would understand that my words aren't fake, that are true. Months went over, and also days. I would always in my bed before to go to sleep think about him, and his beautiful eyes that just get me over to them. Most of the time, I would talk to him over the phone about school, does he need some help of homework or something, or just some normal life events.One night I asked him if he like someone, he would answer me that he never like anyone, and if it would be it wouldn't be from our class. But... that was a lie.

Then, that time come. A present. The most hardest time you could even imagine, because here you get decision very weak. So one day, in biology class, of course everyone would chase into the class, some girls would chit chat, some would get some terribly mess up, and more of it. I talked with my fiend about the system of breathing, but my eyes cough something that it couldn't be seen.

A kiss.

The boy that I knew over the years, he kissed the girl who two years ago was telling the lies about me. I just couldn't believe. If it is dream, then make it stop! But I knew that it still was present. I get apologized to my friend saying that I got some stuffs to do, but I just runaway with my hard tears. I get drown to girls bathroom, sat and cry. ''How is this possible, he lied to me all over, why I was so stupid thinking that our friendship would grow over the years?'' But that question was not answered.

I didn't spoke to him, I don't now, 4 months from the day they starting dating on 8 December. I didn't eat, learn or even get some laugh. Actually it got lost.

On the phone, I looked. There, was his phone number and his picture with him smiling. I decide to talk with him for one more last time...

''Hey'' I said
''Hey'' He answered back
''What are you doing right now''
''Nothing, you?''
''Nothing...I just feel sorry for myself''
''I lost someone who is really close to me. I though that our friendship will remain the same, but it didn't. He betrayed me''
''Is it me?''
''Maybe one day I could tell you''
''No one can win my heart, except her, sorry, but even the miss of the world can't do for me anything like her, you are wasting time over me''
''You are right, and it's okay, it's not like I hate your relationship or something''
''But you do, because we love each other, find some guy that will love you''
''Maybe one day''
''Not one day, soon. I am not doing this because of me, I am doing this because of you''
''Alright, if you want like that... But you have to promise me something either''
''Like what''
''Please, don't tell your girlfriend about our conversation''
''Why not?''
''I am not sure I can fulfill that promise, if you don't find some guy soon enough''
''.... I will try. But doesn't boys get first carry out promise for girls?''
''He, thanks for what you are thinking. Well, I said myself. You first''

And then, that was the end of conversation. It was just like a rock hit my heart and get even worse. It's hard, I can't do that. Then I knew it was the end for me. Right now, I am still writing full of tears. But please, try my readers to fulfill this promise. Never trust anyone, because in the end that person will betray you.

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Julieeeyana says:
15 Apr, 2015 11:25 AM

I can't believe ;'( It really hurts! Me I am 14 years old and 'm in 8th grade I love someone but the problem is I cannot tell him that I love him because I am thinking about our friendship I like him since January and I don't know what to do.

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The broken girl says:
18 Apr, 2015 03:47 PM

Milica I can fulfill your promise but at the same time I can't. You can trust people. It just depends on who you trust. I understand your pain I really do. Stuff like this has happened to me all the time but right now I have a really good friend that's a boy and we tell each other everything. I'm not trying to rub it in please don't take it like that. You just had it bad. I am fully with you. I am. You don't need to trust me but if you need someone to talk to I'm here.

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Messedupgirl says:
29 Apr, 2015 11:01 PM

I love someone at the moment and don't wanna tell him. Because every time I tell someone I like them they laugh in my face. I have cried that much I don't wanna try any more.

I hope things get better for you

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marius says:
04 May, 2015 10:00 AM

Sorry for what happened to you. Love is a frustrating thing; it has frustrated
many and it will continue to frustrate many. Many has died of stress because of love. Dear sister neglect what has happened to you; concentrate on school.

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