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There's a boy for every girl

The broken girl

23 May, 2015 01:17 PM

There's a girl for every boy. They don't know it but they're right there in front of them. When they find out....sometimes its to late but other times it isn't. Here's my story, of a girl who found it the other way around.
There's a boy for every girl.

When I met my boy bud I didn't know what I had in store. When I first saw him I thought," Hey he's cute." Then in health one day when I was with my friend she introduced me to him. If you can call that an introduction.;)It's like somehow he knew instantly. He started following me around when I was with my friend. It didn't last that long and it was minor but he still was happy and playful around me. He would pass me and pretend I tripped him and other things like that but then just two months ago in March on the twelfth both of our moms were on the PTO and they had to go to Bingo night. I went with my mom and knew I would probably be alone for six hours (4:00 to 10:00). I was helping my mom put some sodas away when I turned around and saw him sitting there at a cafeteria table looking at me through the door. I had persuaded my mom to let me go but I would have to help the whole time. I couldn't keep that promise. Him and I messed around the whole time taking videos and I still look back at them now and laugh my head off. He even stole my phone and got my phone number. We even played Bingo at the same table. It was the first time I wasn't alone at a bingo game. Actually it was the first time I actually played Bingo instead of helping out in the cafeteria kitchen.

Bingo was on a Thursday and I actually saw him the day after because we were both in a club that Friday morning. He talked to me but its not like he asked me to play or anything and I was fine with that. It was only one night. That Saturday I had to go to another event with my mom. Of course he was there but we had to work our butts off. When we finally sat down he said some stuff that kind of hit me. Well it hit my heart from my previous story All alone forever. It hurt a lot but it made me feel good like it would any other person.

Somewhere in April there was a school basketball game and I asked my mom if I could stay after. Him and I hung out the whole time. I met a new friend there too. It was really fun and after that things really started taking a turn. He started following me at gym. Me and my friends would just be talking and he'd come up and jump on my shoulder. I would just laugh and when we sat out he would sit by me and fight with my friend that introduced us on who got to sit by me. It was really funny and I'm not stupid. I know that that's a sign but I don't believe someone likes me until they tell me.

This month was the biggest. He would actually hang out with me and my friends instead of his. It made me feel bad but its his decision. Even just yesterday at gym he was play fighting with his best friend and said let me talk to ######! He would always get so happy if I watched him or backed him up or even smiled. He got really happy when he thought I liked him. Its sad that this year is literally almost over. I'm going to miss him and hope I'll see him next year. Truth is I'm not sure I like him like that. I love him as a friend but because of my heart disease it would hurt to try and figure out if I like him back but there's one thing I know. My answer is closer to a yes then a no and there's a boy for every girl even if you don't see it.

(Please know my name has been hash tagged out and this is a true story)

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ammaya khana says:
09 Jul, 2015 12:22 PM

It's awesome

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span says:
13 Oct, 2016 10:39 PM

wait so ur slowly dying? spend ur last days and breath with him he is a god person and I'm sure once u date him u will feel the same way he does

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