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That girl who can't love

The broken girl

03 Oct, 2015 08:58 PM

Your hearts broken right? You keep asking yourself to stop loving him/her. You tell yourself- It would've been much better if I had never loved at all. See if you can say that after you read this.

That girl who can't love. She can't care for anyone. Well, she can it just...hurts. She struggles with her family because she can't even say I love you to her parents without feeling like a liar. Whenever she touches someone it burns. Whenever she cares it hurts inside like her heart is broken. She tries to tell people but they always call her liar. Her parents even take her to therapy because they think something's wrong with her. They always tell her to stop harming herself when they see the bruises of a boy touching her. She's rejected five guys she's liked back because she's known the consequences. She's been to the hospital three times after coughing up blood. Today was a fourth.

That girl who can't love, she accidentally let a boy know her secret. It hurts even more now. The only way to make it stop is if he hugs her. If he truly cares. She didn't want it to be that boy who would have to do it. She struggles to change it. She can't.

That girl who can't love tries to cry...but she can't. Riley- Syndrome stops her from crying. She can't even express how sad she is. All she can do is smile. Then again...we all fake one once in a while. She just does it every day...

That girl who can't love is the kindest person in the world. Always helping people, telling them how loved they are, telling them how much she cares. Even though she can't really know how its like to love and care and feel, she can guess when she does.

That girl who can't love has a lot of guy friends. She's not a flirt she just can never tell when she has a crush. All she knows is that it hurts around this one guy. Whenever he touches her she gets bruises. How can she tell she likes him though if she doesn't even know how to love? She can't.

That girl who can't love always holds the pain in. Even touching from her best friends hurt. She tells herself she can do it and she'll never give up but maybe she was always just running, always hiding.

That girl who can't love is me.

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wyatt says:
17 Nov, 2015 05:12 AM

Who are u? Im really sad about you

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Saga says:
25 Jan, 2016 09:43 PM

Im sorry for this shit you go through. You don't deserve it. Please... There is always some one out there who loves you and can help you.

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kate says:
11 Apr, 2016 08:21 PM

This is really sad. But why do you get bruised whenever someone touches you?

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Steven The Nerd says:
30 May, 2016 11:02 PM

That's basically me but I'm used to holding all the pain inside..... :):

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