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Friend, Bestfriend, Girlfriend

Unknown kid

04 Sep, 2017 03:17 AM

My memory is a blur so some may not make sence however this is all a true story and one of my many regrets. The day we met. 3 girls, bestfriends. Lets call them A B and C. A was my lady she was adoreable and B was her bestfriend, could call them sisters. C was the weirdo of the group who we would always run away from just to get away from but nobody could split the 3 apart. As time started to fly by i started to get to know C and she grew on me. We started as just talking and then she became my theropist when me and A was having our downfalls. Me and A split up after a while but was still good friends, The whole school knew C had a thing for me even i knew however i never let myself slip because of my so called 'reputation'. I was never over A, well thats what i thought, its like i got so used to telling myself i want A back that even when i didnt like her it became a habit of wanting her, understand? Anything that happened after that was a blur for me but what i do remember is me and C was very good friends and in highschool every friday we would have group activities which we could pick to do for a whole month. I had picked watching indian movies just to be the class clown and had convinced C to do it with me, i think she enjoyed it more then me. The next month i picked a walking activity where we would just go out on walks with teachers. I remember her not having a phone so she would beg her friend to give hers to use just so she can text me eventhough she was sitting on the opposite side to me. She text, then looked up and as soon as i opened it id look up n just see her smiling at the screen. She was beautiful but still in my mind i was thinking i needed A. I remember one day me and C was talking on hotmail as she didnt have a phone, and her mum took her pc and asked who am i and i had to fake i was a girl.. a few months past and it was like a movie we spoke everyday in school, hung out everyday in school and hardly ever argued. Even when i was ina mood with her she would still always pop up evem though she knew i was going to give boring dead replies. She was my rock.. a few more months passed by and she ended up dating a boy lets call him D. And roumers started going around that C had cancer. Nobody belived it but she would just keep saying its true. Even though i never belived it i still stuck by her and forced her to go to every "appoiment" she had a few months passed and apparently the cancer cleared and becaus3 we got closr while she "had cancer" she brok3 up with D. He loved her i knew he did she was his first love and i was her first love. Me and C was allways flirty after that but if anyone ever asked we was just best friends, we could have made it official but i wss too scared to admit it to her that i love her....

About a year or two later

Shes back with D and me n D became best mates we would be with eachother alll day it was me D, C and Cs best friend lets call hher E, we would hang out every day in school. C and D wanted me to get with E but she was just easy, anyone could get with her so id just flirt to keep her happy.. me and C would still allways talk all night every night and one day D went on holiday n never had no wifi wher3 he lived so asked me to go on his account n speak to C acting like him.. talking to C on two different accounts at the same time was hard but just acting like her boyfriend got me in my feelings and i wanted her and she wanted me everyone knew it but i never let it happen untill one day on my acvount i complimented her.. a compliment turnee into a x and after that it was 2 and then 10 x (text kisses). Once after school she had to wait for E to finish detention and begged me to wait with her so we was stuck in a empty school for 45 minutes alone. We played about ran around n once i had no energy left i sat down on the only chair that was round us, she sat on my leg because i didnt want to get up n put her head on my shoulder then looked up and we kissed, we was both so happy but once the fun was over i realised how did i just do that shes one of my best friends girlfriends I never told nobkdy about it n we swore we woyldnt speak of it again but she told two other girls who eventually told D. He got mad but she took all the blame even though it was all my fault, later i admited it was my fault n everyone hated me the whole school id spend break times alone, D loved her and took her back every time so they got together, however she wouldnt let me go she would allways check up on me and talk to me as a best friend even though he hated me. I cant remember what happend after that but year 11, she was single n so was i, the teacher made us sit next tk eachother n we would allways mess with eachother Me and her got really close and its timr to pick our options for whst we wanted to study. I picked media and she picked health and social, i didnt like media so i changed to health and social not knowing she was going to be there. I walked in and it was a awkward silence i think me and her just had a argument n wasnt speaking. We wanted eachother but she was with D and i still couldnt admit to her that i loved her, but one day i told her i want her and only her and she was over the moon however she was with D and was stuck on how to break it to him, so she just said she had family problems. Me and her got together n the whole school hated seeing us happy so she left all her mates for me and i left all mine for her, we would sit in a corner every break and just smile at eachother n kiss eachother, i never ever thought dirty about her n respected her decisions. We carved the first letters of our names into the wall where we sat n went there every day for weeks, but one day she wasnt there i searched the whole school for her and she told me she needed time alone so i gave her that she started sitting next to the head teachers office just listening to music and id still wait in our spot incase she came back. And one day she did come just to tell me that she dont think she wants me and all she can think about is D. Some how i just accepted her decision straight away and told her do what makes you happy even though it killed me. So she went and got with him, id turn sround every time i seen them coming down the coridor and me and her stopped speaking because he said to her if shes going to be with him shs will have to lose contact with me so she did, and the last thinf she said to me was "im allways here whenever u need me i promise" i needed her every day after that but i didnt want to be the reason for them to break up , i made sure nobody said anything to her after we broke up and made sure everyone left her alone to be happy with him however she was going around telling lies about me that he wss telling her to say, me and her argued amd just before she deletd and blocked me off everything her last words to me was... "i hate you and you ruined my life gosh i hate you"

Word of advice if you love a girl just to get her no matter what anyone thinks because i never got her fast enough and 2 years later im still heart broken

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Ghosh Dastidar Arkoprova says:
06 Nov, 2017 03:05 PM

This story made me cry
It again makes us realize the value of time nd opportunity
Gosh i know hw yu might b feeling

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