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Crying Alone in Darkness

Jessica. Catafura

14 Mar, 2016 01:01 PM

Before, you begin to read; I would like to tell you that this is based on a true story and that you should read it all the way through. I had a childhood friend. His name was 'Ben. Pittwater'. He was my friend, my neighbour, my child hood friend, my lover and soul mate. And I like to think that Ben loved me as much as I loved him. Thinking back, the first time I saw Ben was when I was 9 years old. Even though he had a luxurious living style, he was the only child and his parents were usually at work and returned at around 1PM. I sometimes saw him and after that, I let out the courage to say “Hi” to the member of the famous, rich Pittwater family. I still remember the moment he looked up after scratching the dirt then smiling at me with... [Read More]

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13 Aug, 2015 11:36 PM

A TRUE STORY OF MY BEST FRIEND... When I think about love, the first think comes to my mind is GOD. GOD loves us some much, his creation is so perfect, so that we can do any work by ourselves. Till now, we reached from the bed of Oceans to the end of our solar system in space to learn and gain more and more knowledge. GOD is so powerful, without almighty we can’t lead our daily life, we all see GOD everyday but we never realize that anytime, this world is a gift of GOD, to share with each one of us. So ultimately, all religions in this world are meant to lover each other but that seems to be not happening. We, humans are so abhor to each other, they can’t understand the meaning of life and the words of religions. Even sometime GOD seems to be blind.... [Read More]

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An Agonising Love Story

Monishka p

10 Jun, 2013 06:45 PM

Hello everyone I am an Indian girl from a small state & want to share what happened to me. It was in year 2008,that he joined our class. I was in grade 7 then. His name was Vivian. That time he was a complete "nobody" to me. He seemed much of a troublemaker so I used to stay away from him. In grade 8, our teacher kept us together in the same bench. He started talking to me but I was really un-interested but a friend of mine told me that he has a step mom who does not treat him right and that info really melted my heart. Vivian was from Assam, a different state and stayed in hostel in Sikkim, i.e my state. Soon I began talking to him, he did too. Then we slowly started joking, our song sharing business & somewhere between our long talks, friendship,... [Read More]

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I can't believe I let this happen.


14 Mar, 2013 07:42 PM

So, it was some 9 years ago, when I went abroad. I was only 10. It was for a family wedding, my relatives lived there. I made really good friends with my dads distant cousin. She was so nice, and we always had a laugh! One day we were out, and her older brother walked past, he was 2 years older than me. I talked to him and after that we became such good friends, he always made me laugh, bearing in mind we were only young, he'd accompany me in the weirdest of adventures! The holiday lasted for 2 months, but in that short time, I felt a attraction to this boy, without actually knowing it. It didn't occur to me that in some distant way he was related to my dad. We were such good friends, but the time came when I had to come back to England.... [Read More]

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Kimmy Villora

28 Jan, 2013 03:29 PM

10th grade.... As I sat there in English class, I stared at the girl next to me. She was my so called "best friend". I stared at her long, silky hair, and wished she was mine. But she didn't notice me like that, and I knew it. After class, she walked up to me and asked me for the notes she had missed the day before and I handed them to her. She said "thanks" and gave me a kiss on the cheek. I wanted to tell her, I want her to know that I don't want to be just friends, I love her but I'm just too shy, and I don't know why. 11th grade........ The phone rang. On the other end, it was her. She was in tears, mumbling on and on about how her love had broke her heart. She asked me to come over because she... [Read More]

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05 Dec, 2012 10:26 AM

"--so perfect! The kiss accompanied by the fireworks, it was so beautiful and--" "I know, now can you please shut up? Someone's trying to study here," "Fine. I'm going out, do you need anything?" "No," Anne sighed as soon as her roommate left their room. Then suddenly, she broke, tears were streaming down her face and she couldn't stop them. "Why? Why?" She was there that night. She was there when they sealed their fates with a kiss. Normally, she wouldn't believe superstitious such as 'the person you shared a kiss with during THAT night will be the person you'll spend eternity with' but that happened to her parents and her other relatives. It was childish to say 'she was supposed to be the one holding hands with Zeke, she should have been the one who shared that kiss with Zeke' she should have been Zeke's best friend, scratch that,... [Read More]

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05 Dec, 2012 03:27 AM

Nothing is worse than the loss of a friend. David was a sweeter boy than anyone would ever understand. From my light of my first love to the depths of heart break he was there for me, lifting me up and keeping me in check. His friendship lifted me when the depths of sadness chilled my heart, weighing it down in the most painful ways. I loved David with a love unconventional. I was 15 when I understood it and he was already in college. I didn't lust for him; I loved him more deeply than I ever will a significant other, but for different reasons. I loved David for his beautiful smile, his laughter. I loved when he lifted me onto his shoulders at fireworks and took me to the beach in the hot summers. I loved that he held me when I cried and laughed with me when... [Read More]

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Sleepless Nights


02 Oct, 2012 09:46 AM

'Whenever you need me whenever you want me you know you can call me, ill be there shortly' my cellphone blared Roll Up- Wiz Khalifa. Muttering over being woken up before 12 on a Saturday I answered the phone. It was my friend Josh asking me to crash a sophomore party with him later that night. Having recently broken up with my girlfriend after she cheated on me with my Australian Rugby billet in my house I was heartbroken and tired but reluctantly agreed. We arrived at this girl's party to see her parents giving everyone who approached the house the snake eye. Working our way towards the backyard we saw 16 year old guys with their shirts off and girls drinking and talks in groups. I was talking to my friend about how lame things were until somebody tapped me on my shoulder. I turned around and started into... [Read More]

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03 Aug, 2012 03:50 PM

You wanna know what I find funny? How the guy will always get the girl, but the girl never gets the guy. And I'm just another one of these cases. I know that my story is not the worst, but to me it feels like the worst thing I could imagine. I am a young girl, with curly dark brown hair, long legs, a chest, and a tummy. I know that I'm nothing special, but I never used to mind that. I had friends that were all skinnier and prettier than me, but I met him before I met them. We were the terrible two, always causing trouble, always sneaking away from the other groups, always just goofing off and having fun. And somewhere along the way, I fell in love with him. Most people think that there's a set age when you can fall in love, but that isn't... [Read More]

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no matter what


27 Apr, 2012 08:26 PM

The hardest thing on being a lesbian for me is not that I wouldn't be accepted among my peers or my society. But when I'm in love with my own best friend. My religious yet spoiled friend. Whom I used to hate because she annoyed me very much, so in order to keep her away, I terrorize her into fearing me. But then she reached out to me, became my best friend, and now I love her. She knew I was gay, but she wasn't afraid of me because she believed, I wouldn't take advantage of my own friend, and so, I wouldn't love my own friend. But then I realized I was lying, I loved her very much. I realized how much I loved when we were at the last year of high school. I tried my best to keep her by my side, to spend the last time... [Read More]

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