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My Only Real Love "Andre"

Kadine Williams

08 Feb, 2015 12:26 PM

In high school I always felt like a mis fit I didn't think I fit in anywhere I was always in the higher classes as my school ranked students by their grades.. I often look among my classmates and said to myself I didn't belong here anyways I learned to cope n tried to always be on top.. Which I often succeed to do up until 10th grade.. I was a shy, quiet and some may say weird girl I had few good friends and some associates anyways in the 10th grade I started changing I wore better hairstyles and uniform got tighter and short my school had rules and short shirts were not allowed.. The only reason I did all of this was to impress a boy named Kenny that boy had a real talent when it comes on to music.. I was obsessed at that time I called... [Read More]

Tags: Virginity, Love, Hurt, Obsession, Ignored, Sex, Heartbreak, Lust
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Love < Lost < Lust


03 Feb, 2015 04:54 AM

She never was wanted. "I am never wanted nor am I picked first... I just wanted to fit in and be like one of them!" She cries in the corner of her bedroom. Red ooze seeps onto her pajama sleeves but not even that pain could be felt. The pain in her heart was just too much for her small sickly frame could support. She wanted to die and no one could hear her last scream. They left her. April 19, 2013 Young Daniella Roselyn, "Dani.", had the life. Her parents and family supported her in every way they could possible. They spoiled her relentless with gifts and love. God was even in her life. What was wrong? She met people but always held a shield. Who can blame her? She was molested 3 times. Boys were her worst fear instead of it being her dream. Then she met him.... [Read More]

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03 Aug, 2012 03:50 PM

You wanna know what I find funny? How the guy will always get the girl, but the girl never gets the guy. And I'm just another one of these cases. I know that my story is not the worst, but to me it feels like the worst thing I could imagine. I am a young girl, with curly dark brown hair, long legs, a chest, and a tummy. I know that I'm nothing special, but I never used to mind that. I had friends that were all skinnier and prettier than me, but I met him before I met them. We were the terrible two, always causing trouble, always sneaking away from the other groups, always just goofing off and having fun. And somewhere along the way, I fell in love with him. Most people think that there's a set age when you can fall in love, but that isn't... [Read More]

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