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03 Aug, 2012 03:50 PM

You wanna know what I find funny? How the guy will always get the girl, but the girl never gets the guy. And I'm just another one of these cases. I know that my story is not the worst, but to me it feels like the worst thing I could imagine. I am a young girl, with curly dark brown hair, long legs, a chest, and a tummy. I know that I'm nothing special, but I never used to mind that. I had friends that were all skinnier and prettier than me, but I met him before I met them. We were the terrible two, always causing trouble, always sneaking away from the other groups, always just goofing off and having fun. And somewhere along the way, I fell in love with him. Most people think that there's a set age when you can fall in love, but that isn't... [Read More]

Tags: Love, Superhero, Unloved, Ignored, Unspoken Love, Heartbreak, Sad
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