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03 Aug, 2012 03:50 PM

You wanna know what I find funny?
How the guy will always get the girl, but the girl never gets the guy. And I'm just another one of these cases. I know that my story is not the worst, but to me it feels like the worst thing I could imagine.

I am a young girl, with curly dark brown hair, long legs, a chest, and a tummy. I know that I'm nothing special, but I never used to mind that. I had friends that were all skinnier and prettier than me, but I met him before I met them. We were the terrible two, always causing trouble, always sneaking away from the other groups, always just goofing off and having fun. And somewhere along the way, I fell in love with him.

Most people think that there's a set age when you can fall in love, but that isn't true. You can fall in love anytime, anywhere, anyplace. So from then on, I tried to keep things normal, but I couldn't see that he knew I at least liked him. As we grew up, he would tell me who he liked, his problems, everything. And for awhile I thought that he love me too.

But then she came. She would start teasing me abut my weight, about my clothes, and everything in between. But, this time, he did nothing to stop it. He fell for her spell. And I hated it. I hated how she was prettier than me, I hated how she was skinnier than me, I hated how she was smarter than me, and I hated how she was so perfect. And I hated how he was on her side. He would start calling me names, fatso, idiot, unwanted, loner, emo girl, fatty, etc. But I couldn't hate him. I tried to, but I couldn't. So, I dealt with it. But then I found out she liked someone else. So I comforted him, and watched him fall in love over, and over, and over again. But not one time was it with me.

I know that I should be mad and envious, and I am, but all I want is for him to be happy, and I would do whatever it took to make him happy. Everyone told me to move on, to try and love someone else, but I've known him all of my life, and I've loved him for 8 years and counting, so it wouldn't matter how many times they tried to set me up with others, cause I was still ways away from recovery. In a way, I felt like his super hero. Always making him happy, saving him from the bad girls, but one difference was, I never got the guy.

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Morgan says:
18 Dec, 2012 07:40 PM

I think your a really strong girl for always being there for him. Your prince charming will come to you one a day sweep you off your feet(: and maybe he is and he just doesnt realize it yet I mean he's a boy lol(:

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Mohamed says:
08 Jan, 2013 03:41 AM

I have almost the same problem as you, the girl I love has a bad habbit of getting back together with her on and off posessive controling boyfriend and after they break up she gets depressed and says she never wants to get in a relationship again, but what I hate more is when people tell me that if I can't move on I have to stop hanging out with her, which is inconvenient and stinks, she is my closest female friend and we go to the same Uni, so I can't stop seeing her even if I wanted to, when people say that you only fall in love at a certain age it's because you've got more time to heal, of course you fall in love, people just expect it to fail so they assume it's not true love.

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samuel says:
26 Jan, 2013 12:49 PM

thats so touching. it has so much comforted m. bt i bliv therez a prince charming out there for galfrnd of mine left m after three years juz bcoz i had squinted eyes. bt its okay.

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Ellena says:
16 Feb, 2013 05:08 AM

I knw hw it feels i had exactly da sme case n i nvr could make my self hate him. N one day a simple bt special boy will cme n make u feel special!

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Monstrous Angel says:
29 Jul, 2014 11:47 AM

I like it. Same as mine. Yeah, you're really strong. It's not easy to sacrifice that much but you did.

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