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Sleepless Nights


02 Oct, 2012 09:46 AM

'Whenever you need me whenever you want me you know you can call me, ill be there shortly' my cellphone blared Roll Up- Wiz Khalifa. Muttering over being woken up before 12 on a Saturday I answered the phone. It was my friend Josh asking me to crash a sophomore party with him later that night. Having recently broken up with my girlfriend after she cheated on me with my Australian Rugby billet in my house I was heartbroken and tired but reluctantly agreed. We arrived at this girl's party to see her parents giving everyone who approached the house the snake eye. Working our way towards the backyard we saw 16 year old guys with their shirts off and girls drinking and talks in groups. I was talking to my friend about how lame things were until somebody tapped me on my shoulder. I turned around and started into... [Read More]

Tags: Heartbroken, Love, Sad, True Love, Seperation, Hurt, Pain, Depressed, Unloved, Unspoken Love
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Am I enough?


25 Oct, 2011 08:51 PM

The story starts years ago, I was almost 3, my little sister Chloe Sophia was just born. My father has and still does drugs. Every drug imaginable. My father brought my mother into drugs and luckily she stopped. My father could never hold down a job and claimed things that were untrue, bu my mother thought she loved him so went along with it. He'd leave for weeks, even months at a time. He'd cheat on my mother, lie, and leave. She gained weight. She was 360 by the time i was born...she was a very beautiful woman. (SHE STILL IS!) She tried to fill the hole. When me and my sister were born she only wanted the best for us. I have always been my dads favorite. He hated Chloe, she was the cutest thing ever. I loved her like she was my little girl. I remember the divorce... [Read More]

Tags: Family, Seperation, Father, Mother, Apart
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