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13 Aug, 2015 11:36 PM

A TRUE STORY OF MY BEST FRIEND... When I think about love, the first think comes to my mind is GOD. GOD loves us some much, his creation is so perfect, so that we can do any work by ourselves. Till now, we reached from the bed of Oceans to the end of our solar system in space to learn and gain more and more knowledge. GOD is so powerful, without almighty we can’t lead our daily life, we all see GOD everyday but we never realize that anytime, this world is a gift of GOD, to share with each one of us. So ultimately, all religions in this world are meant to lover each other but that seems to be not happening. We, humans are so abhor to each other, they can’t understand the meaning of life and the words of religions. Even sometime GOD seems to be blind.... [Read More]

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I Remember

Diana Kotyuha

24 Jun, 2013 05:27 AM

I remember the day I first met you. I remember the first word you said to me. I remember it all, but I bet you don’t remember. I remember the conversation we once had about doughnuts. I even remember the first time you said I love you. But I also remember how we fell apart. We had been together almost 5 months. It was the first day of school but it was also the day my heart died. I woke up feeling happy making sure to send you a good morning text and to remind you how much I love and care for you. Getting on the bus to find a seat was ok. I got to the school slowly feeling the dread of last year’s demons coming back. Me getting called fat and ugly while wishing and hoping for someone to hold me to help me fight my demons... [Read More]

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Am I enough?


25 Oct, 2011 08:51 PM

The story starts years ago, I was almost 3, my little sister Chloe Sophia was just born. My father has and still does drugs. Every drug imaginable. My father brought my mother into drugs and luckily she stopped. My father could never hold down a job and claimed things that were untrue, bu my mother thought she loved him so went along with it. He'd leave for weeks, even months at a time. He'd cheat on my mother, lie, and leave. She gained weight. She was 360 by the time i was born...she was a very beautiful woman. (SHE STILL IS!) She tried to fill the hole. When me and my sister were born she only wanted the best for us. I have always been my dads favorite. He hated Chloe, she was the cutest thing ever. I loved her like she was my little girl. I remember the divorce... [Read More]

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Two hearts...Goth love


13 Sep, 2011 04:13 AM

...well I'll be starting from when he came to Portugal. A Brazilian boy, named Gustavo. he was then 24 years...and he came there to work and near his family. He started to live with a cousin, and later one, he moved to his aunt's home: Maria. I won't be describing how we met, 'cause it was just so casual...and we just felt nothing at all. As time went by, he became kind of interested on me...I guess.Yes, I just could guess 'cause due to my lack of experience with 16 years...i just could be innocently in love, though with 16 we just like to flirt and know new people. ...Time went by....I could still guess i was in love... He showed nothing.I showed I loved him. Like a lill'girl...but I did. He always respected me.he didn't played with my heart.ever. I never saw he felt the same thing 4,I... [Read More]

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Send my love to heaven


05 Aug, 2011 08:50 PM

What can I say about a girl I loved since I was ten... that I love the way she laughs at me when I commit mistakes, the way she fusses over silly things and even the way she cries over some sad silly late night show... She was my best friend and I have known her since we were small. She knew all my secrets, which reveals my feelings for her, that I love her not only because she's pretty and smart but also the way she laughs at everything and the way she sees life and love. I could still remember the first time we met; I was five years old then. It was one windy afternoon having no one to play with except for my best friend, Troy. He and his family just moved out to a neighboring state at transfer because his father got promoted. And so... [Read More]

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Teenage ending fairytale


13 Jun, 2011 03:51 PM

This is a story about a girl falling in love into an older boy and having her heart broken. ( sorry about bad English for it's not my mother language) The girl was 16 years old. Only thing she loved was music. It was her first year in high school. She loved the new school and her new class. In the new school there were lots of new attractive boys to meet. The girl never thought that he would be attractive to one of them. The girl isn't that confident and doesn't feel that pretty although lots of people would tell otherwise. She met this boy while having a traditional party-kinda-thing in the school.The boy went to final class in the high school ( senior year as many would say )The boy was perfect. Super hot, great personality, party boy, owned a car- total ladies man.The girl never thought that... [Read More]

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Best Friends(kind of long)

Brenna Marie

08 Mar, 2010 07:09 PM

We had been friends since we were young, and I never forgot that day that I met him. We where 5 and we were both looking for frogs. I was young but I liked him. Almost everyday we went to look for frogs. Until one day he didn't come. I went two days later he didn't come that day either. Years pass, and it was the first day of High School, we do roll call and I hear a name that sounds so familiar, then I here that person calling out, "here". He is right behind me, I turn around, and there is that boy from when we are young. He sees me too and his eyes get wide and we just stare and smile at each other for hours it seems. A few weeks later we go out, and weeks together turns into months, and months turns into years... [Read More]

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