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A Bundle Of Lies.


03 Aug, 2012 10:19 AM

I was 15, just starting my Sophomore year at a brand new school, didn't know anyone. I walked up and sat on the steps waiting for the bell to ring, I was looking around hoping someone would come talk to me. I looked to my right and nothing, then I looked to my left and I noticed you. Your bright blue eyes, you skinny jeans, the way your hair blew in the wind, I instantly wanted to talk to you , but I was so nervous!

The bell rang for everyone to go to homeroom, I sat behind two gorgeous girls named Dayana and Ashton, they became my first friend. When I got to my other classes I made two other friends Sarah and Dyna, I told then who I had a crush on , and might I say, it was a bad idea. Dyna wouldn't leave him alone about me, she went on and on and on , eventually he got annoyed, I was scarred he would think I was weird cause of her.. But then rumors started..

My friend Amber decided to tell me that he said he hated me, and as soon as she said that I thought to myself " oh gosh I'm toast!" and I started crying and I told Dayana what happened, and she said she would talk to him. So the next day , me and Jesse were sitting on the steps talking when Him and his friend J.j came up to us and said " hey " my heart jumped out of my chest and I was trying to hard not to stutter . He smiled and started talking " So whats this rumor going around?" I giggled and spoke " Yeah this girl said you hated me , and I thought to myself , what did I do to this kid?" you stopped me and smiled " I'm not a kid I'm a senior" I smiled " oh I thought you were a freshman" you laughed and asked my name, I smiled and said " Jacie " and you smiled " Well I'm Robert" after that you and J.j left to get your stuff , I turned and looked at jesse and smiled as big as I could.

A few days later...

I was walking to 4th block and I saw you so I caught up to you and started talking about the football game, me and friends were going so I asked if you wanted to tag along, and you said sure. So that Friday night I went to pick you up and we met up with Sarah and Dyna and we watched the game, you practically stayed by my side the whole night. When the game ended we sat on the school steps and talked for about 10 mins, then we got picked up. I never thought a night could mean so much, but Monday came and I found out you started dating another girl, yeah I was hurt but I was alright, I still talked to you, we became closer, and I became friends with your girlfriend. You dated for 2 months, then one night at the Peanut Festival, I will NEVER forget what she did too you.

I was sitting with Jamie and we were watching TV when she texted me " hey I gotta tell you something " and I'm like " alright what is it?" then she started explaining " I did something bad " I started to worry " what did you do?" then she said it " I kissed someone else tonight" and that when I said " you either tell Robert or I will" she said she would do it. So the next day at school the bell rang for break and I walked out the door with Sarah and I looked dead at her and she mouthed the sentence " I couldn't do it " I sighed and saw Robert walking towards me and I'm like " shiiizzzzzzz!!!!!" and then he asked " so whats the I hear about Brittany cheatging on me? " I looked down and pulled him to the side and explained everything, the look in his eyes as I was explaining everything broke my heart to pieces. After I stopped talking he was looking at the ground and when he looked up , I saw the pain in his eyes and so I asked " are you Ok?" he sighed and said he was fine but I knew he was lying , he walked over to her , hugged her , then walked away. It was so sad. I hated her from then on, couldn't stand breathing the same air as her.

Me and him hung out the next weekend to try and cheer him up, it worked lol. In about January I realized I started falling for him, he knew it too. Soon he started dating other girls and of course I was jealous, I fell unwanted.

It was nearing the end of Feb, when he stayed with me for 3 days until his mom came to get him, I will never forget March 1st at Midnight, so technically March 2nd.. We were sitting on the couch, and we were watching movies, and you put your arm around me, I smiled, you tilted my chin up and kissed me, god did my heart almost bust out of my chest, it was perfect, I didn't wanna stop. You walked me to my room laid , I told you " you know when you move back with your mom your gonna replace me" he smiled " no I won't" I laughed " oh yes you will, but its OK" he smiled " I could NEVER replace you, you're my best friend" with that he kissed my forehead, tucked me in, and said goodnight. The next day was horrible for me , I knew it was the day he was leaving, I can't forget that night. We put his stuff in the truck and we were standing on the porch , he hugged me and I started crying, I whispered " I'm gonna miss you" he whispered back " I'm gonna miss you too" with that we let go, even though neither one of us wanted to let go. I watched him walk down the steps, and get into the car with his mom, I held it in! when I went to my room I broke down crying, then I saw a note on the back of my door it read " You're gonna have to look for you stuff" he hid the jacket and hat he gave me and my laptop, he left hints all over my room, when I found everything, there was a note in the jacket pocket it said " Thank you for being stubborn and not giving up on me, you've done more for me then I could have ever done for anyone! You deserve better then the way people treat you. But thank you! Love, Robert. " and from then on we kept in touch , had a fight every now and then, but now in August, I came to find out whole friendship meant nothing to him.. All lies and games.

( More To Come)

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