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Best Friends Forever

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31 Jul, 2011 05:20 AM

My story is base from my own experience and is a true to life.

It all started when I was on 6th grade. I was the Table Tennis captain and was considered the best athlete in school. At the Intramural Sports Fest, my cousin went to watch my game, and he introduced me to Maureen, his classmate. I knew her ever since we were young, but I never talked to her since we have different peers and that she's a year older than me. When the match was over and my opponent won, Maureen comforted me as my cousin laughed at me. She asked me if I would want to watch her game that will start in about ten minutes, and since I was lost and not in the mood to go somewhere alone, I said yes.

The tennis court was filled with people, my cousin went to buy some chips and soda leaving me as I walked Maureen to the bench where her team was located. I bid her good luck and turned around to look for an empty seat when someone called me. To my surprise, it was Coach Francisco, the Lawn Tennis Team coach. It turns out that one of the athlete was injured and they need someone to feel out her place and she thought that I could be that one. Without even thinking, I said YES, and the next thing I knew, I was standing on the court beside Maureen, with a racket and ball in my hand. We were teamed to play doubles, I told her that I'm not sure what I am doing and that to forgive me if we lose. My cousin was surprised to see me playing and was more surprised when Maureen and I won.

My Coach for Table Tennis offered me to be the President of the Town's Table Tennis Club for Youth, and at the same time, Coach Francisco asked me if I want to play with the team for Nationals and that she will assist me on my training. I had to think about it for days because if I will play Lawn Tennis, it means that I would have to give up Table Tennis. After weeks of considering, I decided to choose tennis and that made my Table Tennis coach mad.

Four years later, Maureen and I were best of friends. We still played doubles, and went to other places to compete. We win and lose together, exchange secrets, share our love and heartaches, we were typical best friends, just like everybody else.

One day, it was Sunday, we were talking on the phone and she was mad at her mother for letting her babysit her brother and that she wants to meet her boyfriend because it was their anniversary. I told her that she could meet her later when her mother arrived. Our conversation was disconnected when she had to open their gate for her cousin who just arrived from a long trip.

A couple of hours later, Maureen was outside my house with her cousin's car. She told me that her cousin was babysitting her brother and asked me if I wanted to go with her to the beach where she would meet her boyfriend who was asking her to be there as fast as she could. I told her that I'm tired and that all I want is a long nap, she said that, "I want a long, peaceful sleep myself," (those were her words). She bid goodbye and I went inside to have my afternoon nap.

I woke up to my Mom's voice, she was yelling, calling for me. It was already dark, I was grateful to have gotten a nap. I opened my bedroom door just to bumped on my Mom. She was hugging me so tight, "Oh my God! Thank God you're here!" I was still a little dizzy and was wondering what on earth is happening. "I thought you were with...Maureen's gone," she had said. I thought it was a dream, no a nightmare, but the horror in Mom's face was real.

Maureen had a car accident, she was driving so fast that she wasn't able to get the car to halt when there's a a sudden curve. The car tumbled in the air and fell into the cliff, killing my best friend on the spot. Police reports have said that if she was not alone, she might not driven as fast as she had, she would have slowed down.

I was heartbroken, for years I have myself to blame for her death. I even stopped playing tennis, it was not the same without her. Her death changed me a lot.

Seven years since she had left earth(yesterday), I went back to the Tennis Court where we first played, where we had our first win. That was one of the happiest moments of my life. A tear fell from my eyes when I started looking on our picture at the bulletin board, pictures of the past Tennis Players of the school. I missed her so much. Everyday for ten years, I can't help but wonder what would have become to the two of us if she hadn't left.

Maureen is now having the long, peaceful sleep that she wanted to have, and I know that she's happy playing tennis wherever she is.

I miss you, Mau, everyday!

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Ren says:
20 Oct, 2011 08:52 PM

aw...that's so sad...
dont blame yourself,it was not your fault..
cheer up ^_~

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Angel d says:
17 Oct, 2012 04:39 AM

your story touches me so badly that just by reading it makes me feel like i was the one to experience what had happened...its so sad and heartbreaking but my's not the end of the world thing for didnt know what was gonna happen so please don't be hard on yourself because you're not to be blamed for what happened...cheer up...;)

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Sara says:
10 Dec, 2014 06:07 AM

OMG... your story touched me so badly that I'm crying right now
You shouldn't blame yourself cause you couldn't and can't change the destiny and faith of people. No one can...
I'm so sorry that you lost your best friend. Something like that happened to me too
Wish you happiness :)

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thara sha says:
29 Aug, 2015 11:58 AM

I feel so sad after hear all of your story is vry sad story ever ...its about my lovely and nice boyfriend .i saw my boy whwn i in primary school form 2.when i saw him i fall love with him.he also love me too ya.we study together..go out together.and many things we do together.17.8 was his birthday,i took him to a beutiful place ...he was so surprised and hug me and kiss me. Suddenly a girl cried and hug him..he was confused why the girl hug him .he push the girl aside . i was so angry and slap that girl.then my boyfrend ask that girl that why did she hug him.then the girl said that she love him..i slap that girl again ...she told that my boy was her boy too... i ask my boy wheter he knows that girl or not .he told that he dont know...finally i knew tht my boy has love that girl.on that minutes i leave my boy im a single GIRL..i hate my boy but i still love and miss him

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