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Behind My Back


07 Feb, 2014 03:39 PM
You think you're so funny,
talking behind my back.
Don't think I know,
I can hear all that jack?!

Do you think I care,
What you think of me.
Actually I do,
But I don't want to be.

You make me sick,
I want to die.
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Tags: Lies, Hate, Die, Friend, Relationship, Death
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She Finds A Knife


28 Jan, 2014 08:59 PM
She finds a knife,
Cuts real deep.
Doesn't understand,
The life she could keep.

She feels trapped,
Inside her mind.
In misery
She tries to find.

She tried for peace,
Tried for love
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Tags: Cutting, Suicide, Sad, Hate, Pain
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30 Nov, 2013 05:32 PM
Put on your boots,
Put on your coat,
Walk to the lake,
And get in a boat.

Take off into the night,
As the current sweeps you away,
You will begin to wish you had stayed.

You see the boat,
It reminds you of fish, 
Free as the wind.
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Tags: Love, Running Away, Home, Hate, Gone
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Dear Agony


18 Dec, 2013 10:23 PM
My mind is shrouded by dark thoughts
An unbearable pain seeps through
Flashbacks scar my mind and heart
As I try to explore the truth

I don't know what to think of you
These tears burn into my skin
And a trail of broken promises
Leave a devastated sight

My fragile, glass body trembles
As the rain hits the ground
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Tags: Agony, Love, Hate
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just let me be free grandma


10 Aug, 2013 08:31 PM
now im here because of you
with tears and scars
most of all the pain
watch me as I drown in deep sorrow

i try to reach my goal 
"you can never make it" you say
well one is to make you happy what i do turns out wrong
why cant you see this for once?

your right by the way
im a failure
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Tags: Sad, Hate, Sad Poems, Fear, Free, Giving Up, Depressing, Dead, Forgotten
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03 Apr, 2013 08:12 PM
Love is like the rose,
From beauty and the beast,
Though it may seem beautiful,
It dies eventually,
Because it's under a spell,
That's wicked and strong and mean,
And makes love impossible,
Or at least make that what it seems,
But maybe if you fake it,
Fake the smiles for the crowd,
You can play pretend a while,
Like your love is still around.
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Tags: Sad, Love, Hate, Betrayal, Sadness, Pain
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Victoria Rosales

03 Jan, 2013 03:03 AM
They think they have fate,
thinking they clean there slate,
they think they loathe there lives,

but all I hear in my mind,
are cries,
I despair my life,
all my dreams shattered,

I will never choose a path,
while everyone I look to 
reminds me of a wrath,
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Tags: Hate, Sad, Lost, Despair
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26 Dec, 2012 07:03 AM
I'm so afraid.
Afraid of what people will think of me.
I try to be brave and strong 
but the tears of pain just won't stop.

Why won't anyone help me? 
Why do they hate me? 
I never did anything wrong! 

I wish I were like you 
so perfect and pretty. 
But you are so mean,
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Tags: Alone, Depressed, Hope, Suffering, Unloved, Hate, Pain
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For Better And For worse

Kimeca Donald

08 Dec, 2012 08:28 PM
Every time I open my eyes
I see the love of my life
But my heart is broken
Because I can't have you
So I'll be living a worthless life
Of hate and denial
Until I die and I want you to know
That your the reason why

So don't break down and cry
When you realize what you've lost
Refrain from regret
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Tags: Love, Hate, Regret, Heartbroken, Sad, Unloved, Hurt
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Tainted Lies


22 Oct, 2012 07:40 AM
You said you loved me and that
You promised to always be there for me
And tho I believed to the lying fact
I still cared for you I said I'll always be

But as that faithful day my sun just died
My sky's darken gray filled black with lies
Why did you have to go ?
What did I do for you to hate me so?

Like Gemini you were my twin
The one I cares for ans always did
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Tags: Sad, Hurt, Love, Lies, Sorrow, Unloved, Hate, Heartbroken
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