03 Apr, 2013 08:12 PM
Love is like the rose,
From beauty and the beast,
Though it may seem beautiful,
It dies eventually,
Because it's under a spell,
That's wicked and strong and mean,
And makes love impossible,
Or at least make that what it seems,
But maybe if you fake it,
Fake the smiles for the crowd,
You can play pretend a while,
Like your love is still around.

But why should I love,
If all it brings is pain?
If all that it gives back,
Is sorrow, cold, and rain.

You should not love,
That is what I say,
For if you love as you please,
Then there will come a day,
When you realize you are broken,
And have been strewn unto the floor,
That you great and trusting lover,
Is starting to get bored,
With his old little "toy",
He used to play with so,
Well now you are just dirt,
That is not worth fighting for. </3
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