Tainted Lies


22 Oct, 2012 07:40 AM
You said you loved me and that
You promised to always be there for me
And tho I believed to the lying fact
I still cared for you I said I'll always be

But as that faithful day my sun just died
My sky's darken gray filled black with lies
Why did you have to go ?
What did I do for you to hate me so?

Like Gemini you were my twin
The one I cares for ans always did
But that sword you stabbed in my spine
The one that has froze me as I'm paralyzed

My sky gray filed black with lies
You told me things and said goodbye
Like the clouds I cried
Cried tho as my heart died

All to this because you lied
Broke every word you've told me
And now I know I ask how could thee
For dreadful my love you and I past

We move on our ways as our love didn't last
And tho I still keep your memories inside
I see you forget me deep down I cry
For tainted lies you did make me believe
Tainted they now are as pain devours me
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