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Daniel Bogogolela

23 Feb, 2016 08:27 AM
There are many men you could
fall in love with but,
I’m not vouching for you to
do that to me.

I’m one of those men but,
you’ve chosen to overlook me
and follow a crooked path.

A path which makes men think
that you’re easily available.
And that hurts me a lot because
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Tags: Vision, Swallow, Obsessed, Life, Love, Crooked
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Now Alone


01 Nov, 2015 07:38 PM
Alone in my head,
I'm feeling so low.
You won't understand,
No one can know.

My eyes are tired,
But I cannot sleep at night.
For your face haunts my dreams,
When I turn out the light.

It happened so suddenly,
It happened so fast.
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Tags: Broken, Sad, Cheated, Lies, Life
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Road To Recovery


02 Jul, 2015 03:52 PM
Have you ever felt empty?
A feeling that that used to be filled up with love
But in the end
Grieve is what you've got?
Have you?

You lied if you said never
Mankind, cannot escape
From all the feelings
Given by thd God

That is why
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Tags: Loss, Road To Recovery, Life, Fate, Reality, Move On, Dead, Sad
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Beautiful mistakes

The broken girl

10 May, 2015 09:37 PM
That time I cussed on the bus.
That was a beautiful mistake.

That time I hit my brother with the camera.
That was a beautiful mistake.

That time I ditched my boy buddie for my bestie. 
That was a beautiful mistake.

That time I told everybody I was fine.
That was a beautiful mistake.
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Tags: Mistakes, Life, Love, Friendship
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Life at Edge (Haiku)

Fiakfairok Zathang

27 Mar, 2015 08:38 PM
After the rains stop
Without showing the rainbows
The cold comes along


I never thought 
This rain season would be this long 
Like uncountable times and lives 
They stepped on my broken roads
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Tags: Haiku, Sad, Hopeless, Broken, Life, Tear
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Paper Heart

Fiakfairok Zathang

27 Mar, 2015 08:31 PM
Endless love, resulted endless tear

Once upon a beautiful love 
Linked us together 
Your arms upon the shelter 
Where my comfort was
Your heart upon the sunshine 
The source of my life 

But like words upon the paper 
Your love disappeared 
When I lost upon the deep sea
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Tags: Sad, Broken, Broken Heart, Pain, Unforgotable, Life
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How Life Goes

Timothy Elifas

21 Feb, 2015 09:17 AM
Life has a never-ending cycle.
Some may come, some may go.
Some may smile, some may cry.
And the least affecting is,
Some may be born, some may die.

People start to kill lifeforms.
They don't care about it.
All they do is being selfish.

People doesn't know what others feel.
They make fun of life.
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Tags: Life, Death
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Colors of the Life

Parry Boparai

28 Dec, 2014 12:07 AM
It started with a rainbow,
Childhood, happiness knows,

Teenage and Northern Lights,
Memories, dull and bright,

Night's star remind me something,
Something of the passed times,
Something of the origin of life,
Something of the fallen vines.

Let me return to the past,
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Tags: Sadness, Sorrows, Past, Life, Change, Colors, Dull, Childhood, Journey
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belva north

05 Dec, 2014 04:48 PM
Life has many ups and downs
So many roads 
To walk down
The paths we choose are few
The good the bad
The happy 
The sad
Some days are long
Some are short
It is up to us to live weak or strong
To cry or laugh
To do good or wrong
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01 Dec, 2014 06:02 PM
Written on my arms, lays a story left untold
Enfolding me in sin; I'm breathless and alone
I stand in a lifeless world, embraced in a brutal cold
Unforgiven and broken; shattered by a heart of stone

A mistake I made years ago, has settled down inside
Enfolding me in a tale, embracing my somnolent mind
I'm surrounded by defeat; I have long swallowed my pride
I stand so still, so desolate, I have lost all track of time

Winter was upon, delicate snow, on sin it laid 
As I looked out for rain, to wash it all away again
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Tags: Life, Pain, Past, Love, Hurt, Hate
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