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Ink Paper and Pen

Ink, paper, and a pen

23 Sep, 2016 10:00 AM
Ink paper and pen
here we go again
when I thought that I already forget
the feelings to be hurt but not.

ink paper and pen
you are my only bestfriend
when times seems so hard
you stayed with me from the very start.

ink paper and pen
don't know what to write again
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Tags: Love, Hurt, Cheated, Lies, Leaving, Giving Up
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Now Alone


01 Nov, 2015 07:38 PM
Alone in my head,
I'm feeling so low.
You won't understand,
No one can know.

My eyes are tired,
But I cannot sleep at night.
For your face haunts my dreams,
When I turn out the light.

It happened so suddenly,
It happened so fast.
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Tags: Broken, Sad, Cheated, Lies, Life
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Its A Fire

Shaylee Belyea

26 Jan, 2015 10:40 PM
It always hurts;
tears burning these eyes.
Its like the devil feeding me;
all these dirty lies. 

He loves watching me writhe;
in unbearable pain.
Rip my heart and hair out;
im past the point of insane. 

Screaming and crying;
at the top of my lungs.
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Tags: Depression, Sadness, Family, Rape
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The Hardest Thing To Do


10 Aug, 2013 05:49 AM
When you have given it your all
thinking we will grow old together
not giving up 
determined to make it work

trying to earn his respect and gain his trust
showing your loyalty 
giving your heart
wanting only to matter

but he just tears you apart 
always wondering why
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Tags: Betrayed, Hurt, Sad, Lies, Cheated, Humiliate, Divorce, Goodbye
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Brad R

17 Dec, 2011 01:32 PM
Nice guys finish last
On that I will agree,
Treat her with respect
She's guaranteed to leave.

She says she wants a good one
but there aren't any around.
Give her what she wants,
she's no where to be found.

You can't win for losing
but you don't stop trying.
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Tags: Unloved, Searching, Cheated
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What Hurts The Most


15 Nov, 2011 05:59 PM
You told me that you liked me.
You told me that you cared.
You told me that you'll always be there.

Where where are you?
When I needed you?
When I texted, called, or messaged you?
When I needed to hold your hand?

Hear your voice? Tell me that it would be alright?
You were nowhere to be found. M.I.A.
But then, I found you, after class.
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Tags: Lies, Unloved, Cheated
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He said

Margaret Love brad Hale

15 Jan, 2010 09:21 AM
He said he would stay.
He said he loved me.
He said I won?t hurt you.
He said I really do love you.
But when i turned around it was all lies why could i not see the b.s right away.
So now i lay here holding a knife
im sick of love so good bye.
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Tags: Cheated, Unloved
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