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Do You Remember ?


25 Apr, 2014 12:40 PM
Do you remember when we were little kids,
dancing freely in the meadow,
our hair flowing in the breeze,
Playing all day without a care in the world,
Do you remember?

Do you remember that first day of school,
when you were there to ease my fears
and I was there to ease yours,
we were practically inseparable, you never saw one without the other
Do you remember?
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Tags: Breakup, Betrayed, Friend
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The Hardest Thing To Do


10 Aug, 2013 05:49 AM
When you have given it your all
thinking we will grow old together
not giving up 
determined to make it work

trying to earn his respect and gain his trust
showing your loyalty 
giving your heart
wanting only to matter

but he just tears you apart 
always wondering why
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Tags: Betrayed, Hurt, Sad, Lies, Cheated, Humiliate, Divorce, Goodbye
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The Lighter

Hannah M.

06 Jan, 2013 06:47 PM
I won't let my feet un root themselves,
I'm grounded you know.
The flames lick the grass,
The ash floats towards me.
A layer of grey over my closing eyes.

Did you think about me,
When you were with her?
Another crackle
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Tags: Broken, Depression, Heartbreak, Heartbroken, Pain, Betrayed
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30 Oct, 2012 03:19 AM
I have trusted you more than I wanted to,
I thought your would stay 
but in the end you were just passing through.

I have lend you my trust,
but in the very end you covered it with dust.
There was so many lies that I believed,
but apparently I was stupid enough to be deceived. 

You've hurt me in so many ways, 
and I tried to heal myself in so many days.
I wish you had taken care of my trust,
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Tags: Pain, Love, Sad, Unloved, Betrayed, Hurt, Sadness
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Gone like everything else

Just Another No One

15 Oct, 2012 07:16 AM
I hope you know you tore out my heart
Left me broken and falling apart
Not that you ever knew anyways
I hate myself everyday
For the words I couldn't say

I wish I had known love
I wish you could've been mine
I wish, I wish all the time

I wish I had told you
I wish I had stayed
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Tags: Sad, Heartbroken, Betrayed, Unloved
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Owen .....I am so sorry

Shauna mosher

03 Aug, 2012 12:40 PM
I'm sorry I did sleep with Ehman this time around, 
Idk what I was thinking Owen, or why I Let u down,
the first time it was what it was and nothing more.
I kissed him and showed him the door, 

December came and went with Dan, 
and still in the end 
I was your biggest and only fan...

now July haunts me like a ghost, 
I made a mistake and drifted out to coast, 
I hurt you badly, and
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Tags: Owen, Shauna, Love, Betrayed, Sad, Confess, Regret, Pain
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Hope you're happy


03 Oct, 2011 07:50 AM
Hope you're happy

You say you want to help me
You say that you care
Then leave me the hell alone
Don't come near me, don't you dare!

My happiness, and smile
My glee, and joy
Are nothing at all
When you compare it to yours
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Tags: Angry, Hate, Betrayed, Unloved
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Never again


03 Oct, 2011 07:37 AM
Alone in the darkness, Pain sorrow and despair
Mourning a trust born of spirit I can't now repair

Searing pain so deeply now carried deep within my heart
Betrayal done blatantly yet hidden from the start

What of sisterhood? Sworn on love and trust
It must mean so little to you, for your vows turn to dust

I should forgive you and forget is what they all say
But since I can't with my heart I slowly walk away
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Tags: Betrayed, Hurt, Sad, Secrets
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gone from my life


26 Sep, 2011 05:56 AM
You're out of my life
it hurt at first 
but now I'm alright
I decided to not listen to your lies anymore

it's over it's through 
I've closed my door
so many times I've been played as a fool
at first you were a good person b
ut now you're just cruel
you said if I would wait 
one day we would be together
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Tags: Betrayed, Hurt, Broken
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