Do You Remember ?


25 Apr, 2014 12:40 PM
Do you remember when we were little kids,
dancing freely in the meadow,
our hair flowing in the breeze,
Playing all day without a care in the world,
Do you remember?

Do you remember that first day of school,
when you were there to ease my fears
and I was there to ease yours,
we were practically inseparable, you never saw one without the other
Do you remember?

Do remember when we exchanged those hearts,
"Best Friends Forever"
we played all day
and stayed up all night
Do you remember?

Do you remember when your parent's divorced
and I was the one you talked to,
To cry, rant and complain
while I sat, listened, and tried to help
Do you remember?

But you must remember when you first started to insult me
How I went home crying everyday as you began to make me an outcast
but I still hung out with you in the morning,
refusing to believe the reality
Do you remember?

Do you remember when I finally realized,
that the sweet, caring girl I had once known was gone,
had been replaced by a vicious monster I can hardly recognize
who tells every secret I have ever had.
and I gave up any hope of the real you ever returning
Do you remember?

Do you know how I feel now,
You have ripped a whole in my heart
that will never be filled, you gave up the best friendship you will ever have
just because you wanted to be popular, to be part of the "In Crowd"
Do you know how I feel?

Do you realize that every single time I see you in the halls,
or in an old picture, I relive all the memories we have ever had
and it hurts like a cut being torn open again. And All I wonder is if
you remember when we were best friends, secret keepers, soul sisters?
I know I do.
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cyera stephen says:
12 Nov, 2014 03:27 PM

i love this poem, im using this poem to break up with my boyfriend, im a teenager.

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Ahmed says:
05 Oct, 2016 09:47 PM

Iam 19 and iam just in love with a girl whomever loves me,to the way I never thought.we really love each other,and our parent respect the action of our feeling but now.her step aunty really don't like the way we have being.....and she try's to separate us and I know hate her......please advise me I don't know what to do.....(Nigeria)

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