Colors of the Life

Parry Boparai

28 Dec, 2014 12:07 AM
It started with a rainbow,
Childhood, happiness knows,

Teenage and Northern Lights,
Memories, dull and bright,

Night's star remind me something,
Something of the passed times,
Something of the origin of life,
Something of the fallen vines.

Let me return to the past,
And be myself once again,
Colors of life have fainted since,
Unconditional love came.

I can feel my instinct,
Which makes the world distinct,

Tears, snow and moonlight,
Memories, Me and the night,

Combining the colors,
I made a painting,

Changing patterns of the colors,
Made hard to carry the sack,
As I adjusted myself to colors,
The colors, turned their back.
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