How Life Goes

Timothy Elifas

21 Feb, 2015 09:17 AM
Life has a never-ending cycle.
Some may come, some may go.
Some may smile, some may cry.
And the least affecting is,
Some may be born, some may die.

People start to kill lifeforms.
They don't care about it.
All they do is being selfish.

People doesn't know what others feel.
They make fun of life.
Life that they don't own.

When you try to start caring about something,
You feel a bit bothered.
But when you become accustomed to it,
You start to feel differently about it.

Like a wounded bird.
Abandoned by many.
But of all people, you took it under you arms,
Tend its wounds, hoping it will grow and be free.
Spending your time caring,
Loving it with much affection.

But life,
Has another meaning.

The wound heals.
The soul refreshes.
Until a stone flies to the bird.
Taking its life,
And your hope. Your happiness.

No matter how small.
No matter how far.
No matter how minor.

Sadness will fall.
Despair will haunt.
All of your efforts.
All of your affection and hope.

Just like that.

You'll never know how much you love something.
Until it dies,
In front of your eyes.
Tags: Life, Death
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