Road To Recovery


02 Jul, 2015 03:52 PM
Have you ever felt empty?
A feeling that that used to be filled up with love
But in the end
Grieve is what you've got?
Have you?

You lied if you said never
Mankind, cannot escape
From all the feelings
Given by thd God

That is why
Life is full of colours
Whether you want it or not
You have to endure it

Sometimes, you feel like wanna die
Sometimes, you feel useless
You feel regret
You wish to turn back time
So that you don't have to do things you've done

You will feel grief
You will feel depressed
You will lose hope
You're no longer want to move on
Because the ones you loved
Is no longer by your side

It may be missing,
Maybe it is dead
Perhaps was left by you, wasn't fated
To be yours

Your hope is gone, vanished
There is no light

You will feel unfair
Why you have to face this?
Why you must accept the fact?
Why it has to turn out this way?

You said so because,
You have no strength
To face the reality.
You are afraid
To face the fact
That is not stand by your side


You've chosen by Him
To prove the world
That you're not weak

You may have no idea

On the others' percpectives
You're a hero
That can beat
Those haunted feelings

You're truly strong

Strong enough to stand
Brave enough to be independent
Willings to control
Evil elemenets

You must stand

Yes. You've grown up
To speak
And prove the world
That you can make it

Let bygones be bygones

You will for sure feel the misery
It is life.

Believe, He will replace
With the better ones
Even though it is not like it used to be
Because old memories cannot be forgotten
But, you will feel the 'sweetness'
After you've worked hard for it.

As long put your trust in Him.
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