Daniel Bogogolela

23 Feb, 2016 08:27 AM
There are many men you could
fall in love with but,
I’m not vouching for you to
do that to me.

I’m one of those men but,
you’ve chosen to overlook me
and follow a crooked path.

A path which makes men think
that you’re easily available.
And that hurts me a lot because
my intention is to love you.

And you tell me that I’m a
man your age and not your father,
that I’ve become obsessed with
how you live your life.

And you know that all
you tell me are lies.
You think I’m after sleeping
with you and care less about
your health or your future.

But I’ve to tell you something;
your future lies within your
a sick person could work
and have fun—
barely so.

And whenever your friends
ask you about me,
you lie to them and,
tell them that you never heard
about me.

But they know that I’ve been
loving you for years,
that I’m deeply concerned with
how you change men these days.

And I’m not jealous of those
I just feel that I’d truly love you
while all they ever think about
Is to having you at their places
for some time.

And if you had the same vision
I have about you in this life,
you’d swallow your pride and
come to me.
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Syed Asad Ali says:
25 Jan, 2018 07:38 PM

Very nice one

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