01 Dec, 2014 06:02 PM
Written on my arms, lays a story left untold
Enfolding me in sin; I'm breathless and alone
I stand in a lifeless world, embraced in a brutal cold
Unforgiven and broken; shattered by a heart of stone

A mistake I made years ago, has settled down inside
Enfolding me in a tale, embracing my somnolent mind
I'm surrounded by defeat; I have long swallowed my pride
I stand so still, so desolate, I have lost all track of time

Winter was upon, delicate snow, on sin it laid 
As I looked out for rain, to wash it all away again
And now the frost has already gone, yet in my heart it stayed
And I will always have to suffer by hiding all my pain

Why can't you see, that inside me dwells agony
I'm a dream deprived of sleep, a winter lacking cold
A life without a meaning; a worthless soul, a vanity
I mend my scarred heart, and face another story untold

Pride, it took away my self respect; handed it to you
I lost myself in a world of lies, breaking me again
You'll leave me behind; I'm lost in a reality you barely knew
And my heart it ripped and tore; it is sure to die in vain

It began to fall apart, too weak to beat once more
I took a deep breath in, I fell quietly, speechless
I took the unspoken words, and left them on the shore
They would slowly get washed away, leaving me painless

Scars left unhealed and heart left unfixed
And it seems that silence, may never quite set me free
The countless struggles left scars upon my skin
People fear death; I'm just afraid of the consequence
Tags: Life, Pain, Past, Love, Hurt, Hate
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