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The things I said

Sammie Winchester

19 Nov, 2016 05:57 PM
I said I'm fine
-I really meant i'm not fine, please help me.-
I said I'm just tired
-I meant I can't take this anymore.-
I said I already ate
-I meant I am starving-
I said go away
-I meant show me you care enough to stay-
I said I'm just cold
-I meant I didn't want you seeing the scars-
I said I was better
-I meant I have never been this bad-
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Tags: Scars, Self Harm
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The Scars that cover me

Sammie Winchester

18 Nov, 2016 03:18 AM
These scars I have, are no mistake.
I have them there because of fate.
Love runs wild, love runs free.
By why, why not me?
I try to tell them what is wrong,
they look at me, like I'm nothing at all.
I go to school, the kids all laugh,
I tell my boyfriend, I can't last.

He tells me to stay strong, he looks and see's the scar.
He tells me, every scar, every mark, is part of who you are.
I love every part of you, and nothing can change that.
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Tags: Scars, Love, Relationship
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13 Dec, 2014 11:07 AM
Wash away my true colours, hide who I really am
I don't deserve to live, I failed this life's exam
My demons have taken over, I struggle, I'm helpless
I feel so alone, abandoned and worthless

It all started from that word unsaid, unknown
You left me hanging there, breathless and alone
The many nights I cried, the scars I left behind
You're just a selfish lover; left unloved and blind

The countless struggles left scars upon my skin
As I weakly attempted to battle all my deadly sins
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Tags: Silence, Left, Alone, Afraid, Sad, Cry, Lover, Depression, Suicide, Scars
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On my arms


13 Dec, 2014 10:56 AM
Written on my arms, lays a story left untold
Enfolding me in sin; I'm breathless and alone
I stand in a lifeless world, surrounded by cold
Unforgiven and broken by your heart of stone

Written on my arms, lays a story left unspoken
Enfolding me in darkness, leaving me scared and alone
I stand in a careless world, I am left broken
Unforgiven and shattered by your heart of stone

Written on my arms with blood, is my life's fear
Enfolding me in lies, leaving me helpless and alone
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Tags: Enfold, Tale, Untold, Scars, Suicide, Depression
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Celestial Starlight

29 Nov, 2014 09:17 AM
She remembers the smiles,
She sees the happiness,
She can hear the laughs,
This little girl was in pure bliss.

Now there is a dark shadow,
Raining endlessly over her head,
I see her tears falling down,
As she's wishing she was dead.

Replaced by her best friend,
Rejected by her true love,
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Tags: Memories, Lost, Lies, Scars, Cut
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The Scars Are For You


22 Mar, 2014 12:11 AM
My pale face and scarred skin
My arms covered in cuts so true
I feel my life is nothing but a sin
These engraved scars, are just for you

I met you on that dark, harsh day
It was cold and a severe wind blew
I never really knew what to say
Don't worry, these bleeding scars are for you

The days seem longer as your away
You'll never know what I've been through
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Tags: Scars, Self-harm, Death, Regret, Pain, Weakness, Failure, Disappointment, Fear
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