The Scars that cover me

Sammie Winchester

18 Nov, 2016 03:18 AM
These scars I have, are no mistake.
I have them there because of fate.
Love runs wild, love runs free.
By why, why not me?
I try to tell them what is wrong,
they look at me, like I'm nothing at all.
I go to school, the kids all laugh,
I tell my boyfriend, I can't last.

He tells me to stay strong, he looks and see's the scar.
He tells me, every scar, every mark, is part of who you are.
I love every part of you, and nothing can change that.
I look to him with tears running down my face, I say I love you.
But not this awful race. It's dragging me down, I can't get out. 
There is nothing left inside me but doubt. 
He takes my hand, places it on his heart, then places my hand on my heart. 
He asks me, do you feel that?
I nod my head, he tells me that, that is purpose.
I'm alive because I was meant to be here. 
He isn't going anywhere.
I'm there and here for you baby. 
And I say to myself, the scars that cover me, are what makes me, me.
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