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Miss Me


08 Nov, 2014 07:38 AM
I know that it's bound to happen
That when the news is eventually brought to their attention
They'll take a second glance at who they WERE, who they COULD have been
It'll be an awakening moment of what they SHOULD have done
But they never would

Not without what had already happened
It's just the fact of life that we all have to live with

Or is it?
Why isn't empathy more empathized?
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Tags: Alone, Anger, Agony, Angry, Apart, Abuse, Broken, Betrayal, Blood, Bullying, Best Friend, Cry, Crying, Confusion
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Just Let Go


30 Dec, 2011 09:04 AM
They said that the hardest part of being in love
is letting go,
When every reason can't be understood by each others heart,
But there is nothing that you can do,
Though every word that you say breaks your being,
when it seemed to be like a knife that struck your very core,
yet there is nothing that you can do still but to say goodbye.
Painful,but holding on to what you can't have is not easy.
Sometimes you need to sacrifice things to see the reality,
To feel the emptiness for you to see your best,
And To feel the loneliness, to see who's there,
Sometimes you need to give up something to see the life beyond,
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Tags: Sacrifice, Alone, Sad, Heartbroken, Tears
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Musical Tether

Peter Hegenauer

26 Jan, 2012 08:40 PM
In his eyes it's his passion,
In her's it's competition,
She keeps him away from music,
He knows that it's her mission,

She pulls him away,
Each and every day,
His stress builds to regret,
Regret of choosing her,

Why take him away from what he loves?
That's truly quite absurd,
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Tags: Breakup, Sacrifice, Choosing Between, Sad
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Keep Breathing


10 Aug, 2014 11:50 AM
If someone tells you “You’re ugly,”
Tell them they’re beautiful.
If someone tells you “You’re incapable,”
Tell them they’re capable.
If someone tells you “You’re hopeless,”
Tell them they’re hopeful.
If someone tells you “You’re mean,”
Tell them they’re kind.
If someone tells you “You’re stupid,”
Tell them they’re smart.

Meditate on the positive words that are the opposite of the negative words they spit at you.
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Tags: Love, Loneliness, Pain, Anger, Sacrifice, Depression, Encouragement
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My Sacrifices

The Darkpalm21

04 May, 2014 02:19 AM
I took my heart,
locked it up,
and threw away the key...

I took the box,
said a prayer,
and tossed it in the sea...

I watched the box,
slowly sink,
to the bottom it would go...
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Tags: Letting Go, Sacrifice, Scared
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