Keep Breathing


10 Aug, 2014 11:50 AM
If someone tells you “You’re ugly,”
Tell them they’re beautiful.
If someone tells you “You’re incapable,”
Tell them they’re capable.
If someone tells you “You’re hopeless,”
Tell them they’re hopeful.
If someone tells you “You’re mean,”
Tell them they’re kind.
If someone tells you “You’re stupid,”
Tell them they’re smart.

Meditate on the positive words that are the opposite of the negative words they spit at you.
If they slap you,
Give them a hug.
If they hit you,
Give them a kind smile.
If they torture you,
Give them an encouragement.
For all these things are what someone needs.
The action one does comes from one’s reasoning dependent on emotions.
Basically, one will hurt you because they ARE hurting. 
So let them know. 

Let them know.
Let them know that you care if they hurt.
Let them know that you care if they're sad.
Let them know that you care if they're lonely.
Let them know that you care if they're angry.
Let them know that you care if they're tired.
Let them know that you care if they're unreasonable.
Tell them it’s okay if they take it out on you.

Take their pain.
Take their sadness.
Take their anger.
Take their loneliness.
Take their tiredness.
Take their unreasonableness.
Indulge yourself in their emotions and become one with them.
For it is not one’s sympathy that saves another.
It is one’s love and sacrifice.
One's sacrificial action.
Action that is taken quietly without credit.
Action that is taken with pain but with love.
None has the right to tell the other to live when they themselves can’t help themselves.

Yet if you dedicate your heart, mind, and soul to another, they will see.
They will feel.
They will sense your love.
They won't be able to be depressed.
Not when someone will be by their side 24/7 loving them and taking their shit.
So my question is, 
Did you do these things to the person who was hurting beside you?
For if you did these things,
That's when you will have the right to tell them;
Tell them, “Keep Breathing."
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alejandra says:
06 Jan, 2015 03:20 AM

this is a very good poem it almost made me cry

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Dissentient says:
12 Jan, 2015 12:24 AM

Thank you, alejandra. :)

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