Just Let Go


30 Dec, 2011 09:04 AM
They said that the hardest part of being in love
is letting go,
When every reason can't be understood by each others heart,
But there is nothing that you can do,
Though every word that you say breaks your being,
when it seemed to be like a knife that struck your very core,
yet there is nothing that you can do still but to say goodbye.
Painful,but holding on to what you can't have is not easy.
Sometimes you need to sacrifice things to see the reality,
To feel the emptiness for you to see your best,
And To feel the loneliness, to see who's there,
Sometimes you need to give up something to see the life beyond,
It may tear you, it may let you cry and cry,
And tears can't be stop at the moment of longing, 
Questions seems to be at feast and left hanging,
But somehow, someday, at the most precious time,
it will be answered.
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