His Daughter


18 Nov, 2016 08:41 PM
She was behind a wall,
when she saw her father beat up her mom
She heard cries,
but soon found out it was her...
Her mother silent as mouse cried...
She watched as her father drew lines on her mothers back with a knife..

10 years later her father was gone..
She had no one to go to..
Her mother left her when she was six..
She grew up in a foster home
2 years after living in that home she ran away..

She was in searched for her father
She wanted to know why he cause such pain to his loved ones..
She found him, with a much younger girl...
He was on top of her and was rapping her..
It took her a few minutes before she found a gun..
She looked the other way as she shot this cold blooded man...
She called her father
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