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I prefer the darkness. It makes it harder for me to look around and see just how alone I really am.
Should I smile because we're friends or should I cry 
because that's all we'll ever be?
The most painful goodbyes are the one that are never said and never explained...
Love can sometimes be a Magic.. 
..But that magic can sometimes just be a Curse
When the crying time is over
And u dont feel anything anymore
All you want to do is to sleep
And you want to be asleep forever
Loneliness teaches me everything in this world..,Except,How to forget the person who made me lonely..........
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"Some nights i feel shattered inside, but i won't admit it. I know it hurts like hell but have to endure it. For the sake of the people around me,let pain consume me inside."
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Don't force someone to remember you all the time...
Just stay silent  let them realize...
how they will be without you in their life..
"If I died tomorrow, I would regret losing one thing. 
It wouldn't be life, or laughter, or family, 
it would be to know that 
I couldn't see your smile shining bright"
- Sadie
Submitted By: Sadie Bay
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Even a broken heart can feel the pain of being lonely!
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