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If we're not suppose to be together again,i wish to not see you again.
- K!M
If there is  love in this world, why I still felt lonely and lost.
If there is really love in this world, why you always made me cry.
If you really love me, why I cry by my self
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...I feel empty when you're gone...
you made my life, you have authrity to destroy it
- aryan
Submitted By: Aryan
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I don't want you in my life,I need you in my life..!!
I don't like you, I love you..!!
Your just not my love, Your my Life..!!
I'm glad to have you, as i was absolutely lost without you....!!!!!
You can't wait for something that will never happen.
A sinking faith can break a relation,
A loving heart can bind a relation.
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Always be with the one who is lonely with out you...
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When you needed someone to talk to, or a shoulder to cry on, I was there. You were never lonely because even if everyone left you, I'd still be there to make you feel like the center of attention. But you never did that for me. All I wanted was your love, and you couldn't give it. I was used by you, and cast aside. And yet, I still love you...
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I close my eyes,
Cover my ears,
I'm scared.
Pinch my arms and say,
"It's just a nightmare."