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"I never held him or even heard him cry, I was not ready to say goodbye."
- Elizabeth
Submitted By: Lizzy Jennings
Tags: Cry, Goodbye
Empty your desires,
Say your goodbyers,
Play with fire,
You'll get burned.
- Unknown
Submitted By: Aya Kasim
Tags: Hurt, Fire, Goodbye, Empty
Some where my Love is hidden! !!!!!
& thats why it is silent.
- True Love
Submitted By: Broken Girl
Tags: Goodbye, Gone
What is the point of saying 'Goodbye' if you haven't even said 'Hello'?
Tags: Goodbye, Hello
Goodbye is a death come short handed....
Death is a goodbye that's well ended
- Ronnie Omero
Submitted By: Raydrick Tarundock
Tags: Death, Goodbye
It's like every time I'm standing on the edge, they always find a way to pull me back... When will they give up and just let me fall?
- Ninja_kitty8862
He was the prestigious gift I have ever had 
.... but I was the game that he played..
Nothing Really Lasts Forever
Had to Make A Choice That Was Not Mine
Had To Say Good Bye
For The Last Time
Tags: Life, Truth, Goodbye
Every hello is bought with a price
It is paid for with a goodbye
Tags: Truth, Life, Sad, Goodbye
...I feel empty when you're gone...