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It's not the goodbye that hurts......
.....It's the flashbacks that follow
- XXXscarrXXX
Submitted By: Belle Marie Hodges
Tags: Goodbye, Hurt, Flashbacks
Tears fall from my eyes, blood comes from your lies, from all your goodbyes, here in my grave, is where my body lies.
You took my breath away.... and you never gave it back.
Tags: Goodbye, Love, Lost
its hard to say good bye when u really love that person but its harder to ask them to stay when they never wanted to be there
Tags: Apart, Goodbye
it is hard to say goodbye when u really love that person 
but it is harder to stay when all u feel is pain.
it is hard to forget when all u do is feel the pain.
it's harder to say goodbye without wanting to leave 
but u know it's the best.
But that doesn't mean i will ever stop love u ..
so here it go's GOODBYE
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Everything I wanted to say,all my words,they were all taken away in a single moment...and the only thing you had to say was "hello".... 
......I'm still speechless as you now say GOODBYE...
He was the prestigious gift I have ever had 
.... but I was the game that he played..
...I feel empty when you're gone...
I think someone loved me once but I cant think of why I guess they couldnt either or they wouldnt have said goodbye.
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It's like every time I'm standing on the edge, they always find a way to pull me back... When will they give up and just let me fall?
- Ninja_kitty8862