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Name: anna
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About Me: I'm only 15 but that doesn't mean I haven't felt pain or love. I very much have. I'm here to share my stories,give advice,clear my mind,and ect. I love to read,write,draw,swim,sing,and dance. My most loved person in the entire broad universe is,well,my entire five person family. I tend not to forget what matters and to remember what I try to forget. I don't care about what others think about me if it's outside my lifes circle.But inside, it fills me with sorrowful songs.And one last thing,I've always wanted to FLY.
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The thing about seeing whats under the mask is touching. I feel like the mask never comes off! (And I will take notice of this email)
Reminds me how much I miss my childhood...
Your story made me cry...


Total Submissions: 8
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