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wow,very nice story.it really made me cry. it reminds me of my dad who i lost. i wish he was still here with us. thanks for your nice story,it was full of feelings and great memorise.loved that<3
just listen to him when he comes to you and telling you some1 hurted him. and wait someday he'll realize that you worth to be with,but if he also loves you back otherwise you should get over him because his not your match.
i know it's hard but you have to let him go and let your self be free not to be prisoner of this 1 side love. just let him go if he really meant to be your he'll come back otherwise he was never yours. just try to be happy and enjoy your life because these loves doesn't worth to ruin your life for it.
it also happend for me but not exactly the same. you should know that online loves can't be true,because you won't know the person the way you should know and when you can't even meet them you start to think are they dating some1 that i don't know about!!! then don't take love so serious specially when it's online.
i know how does it feel when you see some1 u love with some1 else,but the only thing you can do is to get over it otherwise you'll hurt more than that:( life getting cruel sometimes.


Total Submissions: 10
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