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Miss Me


08 Nov, 2014 07:38 AM
I know that it's bound to happen
That when the news is eventually brought to their attention
They'll take a second glance at who they WERE, who they COULD have been
It'll be an awakening moment of what they SHOULD have done
But they never would

Not without what had already happened
It's just the fact of life that we all have to live with

Or is it?
Why isn't empathy more empathized?
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Tags: Alone, Anger, Agony, Angry, Apart, Abuse, Broken, Betrayal, Blood, Bullying, Best Friend, Cry, Crying, Confusion
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04 Mar, 2017 04:48 AM
Give it our all
Get left crying in a ball
We all have our worth
Don't keep on judging

We can adapt
We can all a learn

There's just us
We are one another

Team, keep us together
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Tags: Alone, Anger, Abuse, Angry, Apathy, Anguish, Away, Broken, Breakup
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27 Oct, 2014 03:23 AM
Is it so hard to decipher the poorly encrypted code placed on my face?
"I'm tired" "I'm just tired" "I'm fine, I'm just fucking tired"

Is this so believable that you're left with nothing to inquire? 
Or is there something less forming, some lack of desire? 
The thoughts in my head are swarming, that no one is caring.

I always get left behind, there's just me being lonely and alone.
"It's OK, I'm really fine. It's just hard to sleep when I'm at home."
Just a second glance, it's all that I ask.

I'm at the brink of tears, I need some help before my skin tears.
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Tags: Tired, Alone, Anger, Apart, Pain, Broken, Betrayal, Cry, Cut, Cold, Death, Depression
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With Me


10 Dec, 2012 02:29 AM
With me,
With you,
Without you,
I'd fall apart.

I'd fall into the dark,
I'd fall into the day,
With nothing at all to say.

All I can say now,
Is for you to stick around,
I understand you want to leave.
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Tags: Lonely, Love, Sad, Unloved, Alone, Lost
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Somnath verma

06 Jan, 2012 01:37 AM
Story of a girl......
Today i sit here on the park
Engulfed in the numb darkness,
My thirst for your love doesn't
seem to quench
My eyes without you melancholic
and spark less.

I'm trying to resurrect you in my
But all that effort goes in vain,
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Tags: Valentine, Sad, Love, Pain, Hurt, Lonely, Alone, Dark
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27 Sep, 2014 12:33 AM
Sadness is when everyone around you form
circles and clicks
laugh and smile

Talk about good times that you can't seem to remember
Back in the month of December

It's when you notice that no one notices you
There are groups all around but you're apart from all of them
It's just you

You can't even feel yourself
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Tags: Sad, Sadness, Lost, Loneliness, Lonely, Alone, Suicide, Suicidal, Emptiness
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That is Life

Summer E. Augustine

17 Feb, 2012 07:57 AM
Life has wonderful moments,
and has times of sorrow
Wonderful moments,
that won't be so wonderful tomorrow.
Because life changes
people change, and feelings seem to change also.

Wonderful moments turn into 
times of sorrow,and pain
and you can't fix it, because that is life

It is so hard to see your life
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Tags: Sad, Alone, Silent Pain, Depressed, Lonely, Ignore, Sadness
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‘The Lonely Son to His Father’

Jason Falsis

22 Sep, 2012 11:26 PM
Though my father’s gone untold
In my eyes so young to bend
Have not seen his hands to tend
Still I seek and minds unfold
Though my father’s face is old
And his smiles have seen their end
Still they provide heat to mend
My weary heart weak and cold

Though the music of his love
Ends tonight and with burden
With the stories of his heart
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Tags: Lonely, Pain, Sad
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Goddess of Night

31 Jan, 2012 07:05 PM
I see in my mind, 
the past I tried to leave behind,
in every waking moment I hear, 
the sound of my eyes screaming for a tear,

but I know if even just one would escape,
I would have to shut my mouth with tape.
Even when you think the happiness I have is true,
I have to try my hardest to deceive you.

For what if they see that I am weak?
Will they pluck at my flesh with their razor sharp beaks?
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Tags: Dark, Evil, Bully, Lonely, Tired, Right, Mind, Tear
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Vamsi Tilak

04 Oct, 2011 02:12 PM
Luck has no meaning,
Life has no feeling,
When everything u were dreaming, 
everything you ever thought, turns always without any meaning.

Life is large,  yet so small. 
U may ask me y, i tell u i didn't cry.
small is so big, but the reach is still bigger.
i tried to reach you, but i couldn't even see you.
you are already gone.
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Tags: Love, Trust, Lost, Sad, Lonely
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