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Kids Can Be Cruel (WIP)


18 Sep, 2015 09:56 PM
Kids Can be cruel
People always say
“Kids can be cruel.”
Kids forget easily. 
They forget about that person
In the back of the class
With the greasy hair
And handmedown jeans. 
They forget about the person they bullied
Called names,
Threw spit balls at
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Tags: Bullying, Hurt, Bully, Help
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Goddess of Night

31 Jan, 2012 07:05 PM
I see in my mind, 
the past I tried to leave behind,
in every waking moment I hear, 
the sound of my eyes screaming for a tear,

but I know if even just one would escape,
I would have to shut my mouth with tape.
Even when you think the happiness I have is true,
I have to try my hardest to deceive you.

For what if they see that I am weak?
Will they pluck at my flesh with their razor sharp beaks?
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Tags: Dark, Evil, Bully, Lonely, Tired, Right, Mind, Tear
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