Kids Can Be Cruel (WIP)


18 Sep, 2015 09:56 PM
Kids Can be cruel
People always say
“Kids can be cruel.”
Kids forget easily. 
They forget about that person
In the back of the class
With the greasy hair
And handmedown jeans. 
They forget about the person they bullied
Called names,
Threw spit balls at
But that kid never forgot them
Always remember the names he was called
All the times he was forced down
His dreams set aside as “impossible “
Or as “Unrealistic”
But dreams are still dreams!
That boy was crushed, hurt, 
Hunted down by his classmates just because
He could not afford good clothes
Couldn’t take a shower everyday
Because he spent all day with his little siblings, 
Making sure they were fed, and not hurt
While his mom was out, getting another gram 
On the money that should be for them!
Tags: Bullying, Hurt, Bully, Help
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