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Like a Thief


08 Dec, 2015 01:11 AM
Desperation, it took me away like a thief
And you were left, with this broken belief
That nothing was wrong; that I wouldn't lie,
But you never knew of the many nights I'd cry.

Like a thief, death quietly crept in
And buried my broken dream, deeply within.
Little did you know, I was falling apart,
But no one could see, inside my breaking heart.

And so I was taken, suddenly, one day.
A memory left behind, of a darkening yesterday.
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Tags: Death, Tired, Dying, Goodbye, World, Cruel
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Miss Me


08 Nov, 2014 07:38 AM
I know that it's bound to happen
That when the news is eventually brought to their attention
They'll take a second glance at who they WERE, who they COULD have been
It'll be an awakening moment of what they SHOULD have done
But they never would

Not without what had already happened
It's just the fact of life that we all have to live with

Or is it?
Why isn't empathy more empathized?
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Tags: Alone, Anger, Agony, Angry, Apart, Abuse, Broken, Betrayal, Blood, Bullying, Best Friend, Cry, Crying, Confusion
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My Only Heaven


24 Feb, 2017 08:57 PM
Did i ask for too much? 
Im sorry, i love you as such.
Did i hurt you? 
Im sorry but i hurt me too.

 What have gone wrong
I cant even explain with a sad song.
I cant be selfish of u i know
Wishing your heart i could borrow. 

Maybe i just knew you to pass on by
And leave me with a million "whys"
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Tags: Love, Breakup, Goodbye
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It Couldn't Be

Celestial Starlight

27 Nov, 2014 09:36 AM
A message on my phone, could it be him?
Is it my true love, i've waited so long to hear?
I remember those days, 
He pretended I wasn't there,
Even though he tore me up, 
somehow I still care.

Waiting and waiting for just one reply
Tears start to form 
I feel i'm ready to die.
There's no message back,
I am breaking apart,
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Tags: Goodbye, Broken, Pain, Sadness
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Darkness fever

28 Apr, 2016 07:25 PM
the skies shall mourn,
for they're masters of disguise - 
But no poet's hand can paint
the shades of blue,
dwelling in your eyes.
The spring shall rejoice,
and the winter will scorn 
Just like the sun; for it ever plays
with my forlorn - 
honeyed kisses of it's rays.
So if the stars are meant to glisten 
and if the winds are destined to cry
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Tags: Loneliness, Love, Sadness, Sad Love, Breakup, Anger, Grief, Goodbye, Broken Heart, Broken, Alone, Sorrow, Silenc
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Never Say Goodbye


20 Feb, 2012 09:41 AM
Drifting on the edge of Death,
Hearing people sigh.
I can't go with Death
Because I can't say "Goodbye".

Falling deeper into a depression,
All I want to do is cry.
I feel hopeless but I need to stop the fall,
I don't want to say "Goodbye".

My Demons reach out to me,
Feeding on the lie,
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Tags: Goodbye, Death, Depression, Sad, Suicide, Pain
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The Knife.

Alyssa Baughman

22 Dec, 2011 08:41 PM
Sorry the knife just slipped,
I didn't mean to cut my wrists.
I was just thinking of all the bad things that happened to me.
The things that made me sad,
And the things that made me angry.

I didn't mean to take my life,
With this cold, sharp knife.
Memories of everything gone wrong,
Is what brought this all along.
Warm is the blood that trickles down,
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Tags: Knife, Cut, Pain, Goodbye
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You Left Without Saying Good Bye

Skip Reid

22 Jan, 2010 12:33 PM
You left me
Your love left with you
A love so missed
You left without sayihg good bye

You will miss me when I go
Memories will take my place
A love so missed
You left without saying good bye

You gave me everything
And what I became you made
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Tags: Love, Goodbye, Lost, Death
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28 May, 2014 01:24 PM
goodbye world
goodbye life
my mind is made up
no you cant change it
I'll hang myself to a near by tree 
and pray that you wont try to save me.
I'm saying this because i cant live like this anymore.
you even said it yourself,
the light inside my eye has died 
I'm sorry that i forgot 
you only like me when i'm not myself.
you told me i should just die
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Tags: Suicide, Death, Pain, Goodbye
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I am with you


10 Mar, 2013 11:28 AM
They don't understand what it is like
To be called an attention seeker
To be filled with thoughts of worthlessness
To feel that the world is better off with out you

I can't tell anyone, they won't help
I know I am depressed but they don't
Why am I here, there's no point living
I shall say my final goodbyes.

I shall go tonight and end it all
I was never happy in this world
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Tags: Suicide, Love, Loss, Goodbye
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